Re-reading a September article in Foreign Policy by Jeremy Hammond (about the inverted way the establishment was applying the Kosovo “non-precedent” as a precedent for Syria intervention), I learned that the name Richard Goldstone — the UN judge who signed the Mladic and Karadzic indictments in 1995; who indicted a fictional Serb character; who refused to view dossiers on crimes against Serbs or exculpatory evidence of the Serb side; and who most famously tried to accuse Israel of war crimes in Gaza — came up in a big way also in the Balkans chapter of Kosovo:

Returning to the U.S./NATO bombing of Kosovo, the reason it is hailed as a model for Obama to follow in Syria is that it gave rise to the concept of “illegal but legitimate”, invented by the Independent International Commission on Kosovo (headed up by one Mr. Richard Goldstone, perhaps more well known for co-chairing the U.N. fact-finding mission into Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip…) to try to ex post facto justify the bombing.