Remember the kudos that Target got last month over its employees going above and beyond by teaching a teen how to tie a tie? It’s a no-brainer that the story got some of its virility from the gush we feel, especially in racially charged times, when the helpful employees are white and the teen is black (and vice versa). But think of the kvelling that ensued — by media and Target alike — when it was learned that the black teen’s name was Yasir.

A local ABC affiliate set up a reunion between the Target employees and the boy, this time with his hijab-clad mom in tow, and GMA gave it national attention. The gift gave again:

Target Teen Yasir Moore Returns to Store After Job Interview

A North Carolina teen, who made headlines after a picture of his being coached by Target employees for his first interview went viral, returned to the store this week to thank the helpful employees in person.

Yasir Moore and his mother told ABC News station WTVD-TV in Durham, North Carolina, they credit exemplary Target employees Cathy Scott and Dennis Roberts with helping Moore pass the first round for his job interview at Chick-fil-A.

“They could have just sold my son a tie,” Moore’s mother, Najirah Parrish, told WTVD. “But they took the time, helped him tie the tie and talked to him. They treated my son with dignity, respect.”

Moore was prepping for his first ever job interview when he stopped a Target employee to ask for a clip-on tie, according to WTVD. But Target employees Scott and Roberts didn’t just point the teen toward the tie section.

Instead, they helped him learn to tie a real tie and then gave him advice on how to properly introduce himself in an interview, the station reported. […]

Off-camera, the employees reportedly seemed a bit befuddled by all the attention, saying, “Gee, we thought he was just a polite kid, saying ‘Yes Sir’ every minute. ‘Yessir, yessir…’ We didn’t know he was trying to tell us his name.”

Which, incidentally, honors the father of modern terrorism.

Speaking of names, apparently there are some things that even Islam can’t change. We don’t know if this woman found Islam before or after she had her son, but notice that their last names are, all too typically, not the same.