Gee, why how does a “docile” Bosniak get to become a hate preacher?

ANZAC terror plot: Alleged teen terror plotters had “scoped” police stations for possible planned attack (Daily Telegraph, April 20)

The 18-year-old, whose identity is now a secret under the tough laws, is a BOSNIAN teen, who revels in showing off his abs to social media followers.

The teen only applied for a passport last week and attended the controversial Islamic group Al-Furqan.

The father of the teen terror suspect, who cannot been named, has close ties with the centre’s hate preacher Harun Mehicevic. His mate Sevdet Besim, 18, was charged with conspiracy to commit a terror attack. One man described Besim as a “very good kid.”

Melbourne’s Al-Furqan information centre and its leader self-styled Shiek Harun Mehicevic went to ground yesterday refusing to speak to the media.

Three other teens were also arrested and later released in Saturday’s dawn raids across seven homes in Melbourne’s southeast involving about 200 Australian Federal and Victoria Police.

Besim and the preventive detention order teen attended the funeral of Haider, shot dead last year after stabbing two officers at a Melbourne police station after he planned an ISIS-styled attack.

One of the teens arrested but released on Saturday, Eathan Cruse, 19, was school mates with a junior jihadi recently killed fighting in Iraq and Syria.

Police allege the men were planning to attack police and the public with knives and swords.

At least two of the five men arrested in Saturday’s terror raids were active members of the group and had attended lectures given by its leader.

A high-ranking Islamic State figure also attended the Springvale South centre before going to Syria to fight.

Last year it was revealed teen terrorist Numan Haider attended lectures at the Springvale South centre before he was killed when he violently attacked two police officers.

IS recruiter Neil Prakash, who goes by the name Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, has regularly been in contact with those at home over social media.

Yesterday the Daily Telegraph revealed spy agency ASIO had warned one of the men arrested in the raids, Eathan Cruse, to cease contact with an Islamic State recruiter.

It is believed Sevdet Besim, charged with conspiracy to commit acts done in preparation for or planning terrorist attacks, was a regular at the centre. The 18-year-old, locked up on a preventive detention order, visited Al-Furqan every Friday for prayers.