For about a week during Israel’s bombing of Lebanon, Iraqis of all stripes — who are normally killing one another — were getting along. I came across the following Los Angeles Times headline: “Iraqis Find Rare Unity in Condemning Israel“:

“Though embroiled in a bloody war over the future shape and identity of their country, Iraq’s Sunni Arabs, Shiites, Kurds and even Christians have unified in condemning Israel over its fighting in Lebanon against the Hezbollah militia.”

OK, no surprise there, but it gave me an idea for how we can make this Iraq experiment work: Every time negotiations there threaten to fall apart and they start killing one another, you have a Jew pop out of a cake and say, “Focus! Focus! Accentuate the commonalities! Stay with me now! Grrrrrrr–Jew–grrrrrrr!” Paper every buiding with a photo of me and keep those Arabs focused!

Who would have guessed? Israel: a uniter, not a divider!