Relatives of 29 year-old Omeed Popal, the man who ran down half of San Francisco yesterday, are telling us that he is mentally unstable and stressed out about an arranged marriage in Afghanistan.

Family friend Zargona Ramish said, “He thought the devil was coming to him. He is a very good person. He is not like that. What’s wrong with him?”

While it’s certainly possible that the guy has mental problems, it is by now a familiar pattern. A Muslim shoots or mows down Americans, and family or police tell us the person is mentally impaired. While terrorists who act alone are more likely than al Qaeda-affiliate types to be mentally impaired, it certainly helps that they’re Muslim, which in turn helps outline their targets: non-Muslims.

Thankfully, our president has stopped saying that Islam is a religion of peace. Personally, I don’t think he was saying that at all. I think that either we weren’t hearing him correctly, or he was mispronouncing something. Perhaps all this time he was just trying to tell us that Islam is a “religion of peas” — like, that they eat a lot of hummus over there or something.

As yesterday’s incident in San Francisco illustrates, it seems we’ve ALL been mispronouncing the word “Islam.” It’s not “Islam.” It’s “I slam.” ( “I slam airplanes into buildings, I slam cars into checkpoints and Americans, I especially slam into Jews…”)

It’s not a noun at all! It’s a verb, it’s a simple sentence. These people are telling us what it is they do, and we’re not listening.