This summer, Sarah Brady’s organization Million Mom March has been showing this little film in movie theaters across the country, trying to recruit more people to the cause of repealing the Second Amendment. Hackneyedly set to the tune of John Lennon’s “Imagine” and sung a capella by a little girl in a classroom as she writes the names of hack-Left heroes JFK, MLK, Lennon and Gandhi, the voiceover says, “Just imagine if these people had never lived. Now imagine if they had.” Here the little girl writes down a name she doesn’t recognize: “Darren Thompson? Who’s he?” and BOOM: it’s the name that appears on the empty seat in front of her, presumably belonging to a boy killed specifically by a gun. Voiceover: “Now we’ll never know.”

What anti-gun advocates don’t realize is that far more children’s lives are saved every year by guns (including when a parent just brandishes a gun) than are taken by them. The child killed with a gun is the exception to the rule of gun ownership. The child saved by a gun is not.

Considering that the Million Moms are the same people who fight for “women’s reproductive rights,” why can’t they just think of the exception child as the abortion they always wanted but never had?

After all, abortion is a much more violent way for us to “never know.” Notice that we’re shown news photos of kids who’ve been shot, but never of kids who have been aborted.