Those who live in fear of information, such as what conservative news sites like Breitbart might reveal to them about themselves or the world they pretend not to live in, go to pains to uncover an “anti-Semitic” undercurrent on the site. Having exhausted their efforts to make an anti-Semite out of former editor and current White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, they then turned to the comments section to see what anti-Semitism they could find.

As everyone knows, the comments section of any site is a free-for-all, but because Breitbart’s realism does also attract a pro-white element, that’s all the proof that Breitbart’s detractors think they need. Never mind that white-supremacist minority reading the site has NOTHING on the anti-Semitism of the “non-anti-Semitic” MAJORITY who read “mainstream” sites like Huffington Post (FrontPageMag, CAMERA, and HuffWatch have all been monitoring that Jew-hating cesspool). But here I present to you a hefty excerpt of the comments under a single Yahoo! News story last week about Jews protesting last Sunday’s AIPAC conference (now apparently available only on a Japanese URL):

Garret H
Far-right Israeli Zionists are the real terrorists.

It was reported that Israel’s two largest banks — Bank of Leumi and Hapolim Bank — assisted US citizens (you take a guess whether it was Gentiles or Jewish) in dodging over $400 million of personal income tax. My guess was neither bank reported earned income and capital gains in exchange for large deposits. Somewhere the AIPAC biggies are gathering for their next pow wow. No way they will allow the books of those Jewish banks to be opened up exposing what Americans took advantage. The smoking gun just might lead right back to some of them. That is sickening! And it’s done from our “greatest ally” in the Middle East. Well if that is an ally doing stuff like that then no thank you. Cut off Israel from any aid right now!

If Jews would just top breaking Yahweh’s commandments everything would be fine. They cant help themselves.

If these Jews love Israel so much then they need to leave America and move to Israel! America needs to STOP giving Israel $4 BILLION of our hard earned tax dollars every year!

Shekel Trader
98% of the Jews make the rest look bad. I guess the remaining 2% are at least making themselves known. Gotta give them credit.

Man from Nantucket
AIPAC is the most corrupting factor in our government today. Know your enemy.

AIPAC and Saudi agents in our Congress are the greatest danger to American people’s safety.

a.i.p.a.c. is the cancer in the United States government infecting every traitorous politician.

Omg, too much migrants Jews will take over USA. They are United in singing in Hebrew……People keep throwing U.S. dollars at them!

Israel is a powerful country that does not care what little Americans even little Jewish Americans think. They control the U.S. Congress, local governments, etc. They just laugh and count the money.

The Jew cries out in pain as he extorts your Congress.

Shekel Trader
Now that we know who was making all the bomb threats to Jewish centers around the country and the globe, I wonder how many AIPAC supporters and Israel First Jews turned out to overturn head stones in Jewish cemeteries around the country? Does the Jew know no shame?

The only true solution is the final solution.

The Jewish people are GREAT people. The Jews and Judaism should be respected and protected like any other faith all around the world. THE PROBLEM is EVIL ZIONISM and ZIONISTS. It is the most dangerous, corrupt, filthy, immoral, GREEDY, manipulating ideology ever existed. The ZIONISTS are 100% responsible for the creation of all TERROR groups in the Middle EAST. The ZIONISTS are 100% behind 9/11 attacks on USA. Please watch, “The Experts Speak Out on 9/11” Documentary.

Did you ever hear of a crooked business deal that didn’t contain at least one Jew.

ANY group that promotes terror and apartheid states as they ignore U.N Resolutions including AIPAC should be labeled a terrorist organization, everyone of the people at that sing-a-long needs to be arrested and charged with war crimes and face a collective punishment. Only jews support filth and terror, NOT Americans.. Americans do nothing because the jew has convinced America that ‘Jesus’ is their Messiah, Jesus is also a jew, they are jews, and hence related to jesus , and therefore by default related to your god.. so the jew is your ‘GOD in-law’.. tell me I am wrong you simpleton followers..and the jew counts on it!! there is a reason the jew has been hunted all through history.. ‘109 times’.. google it

Dr Zaius
Let them eat camel dung for all real Americans care about that bizzare cult. They send their sissy boys to join the Israeli Army rather than serve alongside Americans in our Army. They hate us, which is fine, but we owe the Nothing.

Pedorific Talmud
Jews are evil.

Israel Mossad did 9/11…count on it.

F Israel
The fake Jews of Isntreal. The question no one ever asks is “why is the Jew so hated, world over, for thousands of years.” It’s not just a big fluke or huge misunderstanding.

They have no afterlife!

Just hurry up Iran

Kick all the Jews out

Illuminated One
Dispersing Jewish protesters is easy, just roll a few pennies down the street.

There’s a lot of decent Jews left. The rest should make Aliyah. The sooner the better.

The Jew(ish) state by its name is racist. America is a free state.

Greenblatt and Kushner in the White House? I guess we know what will happen next, the Palestinians have no chance with these guys. They will be forced into a corner they can’t get out of without a fight.

Pro-American Republican Whip
I wonder what President Trump will do to AIPAC and Israel after he finds out Israel did the 911 attacks on AMERICA.

F Israel

The people who rule America and suq it dry like parasites

Jews protesting against Israel… Are flying pigs next?

What are they protesting? WE the Turkeys ALREADY pay for Israeli Abortions…thank God, one less… They didn’t upkeep that cemetery in NY and blamed vandals on the tombs turning over AND a 19 year old Jewish Man was caught being behind all the threats against Temples!

Take a guess where the unaccounted-for billions that Madoff made-off with ended-up?

Zionism is a cancer!

Deport them all. They are as bad as the muslims. never trust either cult.