Watching the mini-series “Path to 9/11″ last week, I couldn’t help but marvel at how convincingly the many Middle Eastern actors played terrorists. One character, Ramzi Yousef, who orchestrated the 1993 WTC bombing, was said to have become a radical because it was the only industry, and the only route out of poverty. But the great acting in this film (and I’m giving many of the Middle Easterners in it the benefit of the doubt by calling it “acting”), gives me an idea for how we can beat this radicalism.

With the number of movies dealing with terrorism increasing in direct proportion to real terrorism, the terror film genre is set to outpace the horror film genre, as Hollywood struggles to keep up with current realities. Given the sheer quantities of Middle Eastern actors needed for each of these projects, and the fact that there will be decades of such productions, this means the emergence of a whole new, productive, profitable industry for glory-seeking would-be terrorists and professional radicals: show business. And apparently, very little professional acting instruction is required.

The most successful of these actors could be tapped for endorsement deals and even public service announcements: “I’m not a terrorist. But I play one on TV. Don’t do terror.”