“Following the macaca episode,” a reporter asked Virginia Senator George Allen last week, “the Jewish press printed stories that appeared on the Internet that explored your possible Jewish ancestry on your mother’s side. You’ve been quoted as saying your mother is not Jewish.”

I understand the reporter’s intent to have been an exploration of whether Allen has even less sensitivity to ethnic minorities than the “macaca episode” might imply. However, it’s likely to turn into something more insidious as anti- “Zionists” everywhere take her segue from Allen’s use of “macaca” to his being Jewish as an implication that Jews are racist. Before we know it — since Israel is the “racist, Zionist entity” — his “Jewish blood,” as CNN repeatedly called it during an inquisition of Allen’s roots, will somehow add to his culpability.

Even if we don’t publicly hear this connection being made, rest assured that many have already made it. So I would just like to preemptively remind everyone that half the man is NOT Jewish, and there’s no reason to assume that the Jewish half was responsible for the “macaca” comment.

After all, remember what people were saying (and writing) about Monica Lewinsky — that she single-handedly did away with the stereotype that Jewish girls don’t “go down.” But it turned out Lewinsky was only 3/4 Jewish, and I argued that it was the one quarter that made her do it.