Just as a small p.s. to the recently passed fifth anniversary of 9/11, it’s worth addressing the sentiment we’ve heard repeatedly over the past four years — namely, that we’ve “squandered all the good will that came our way” from the world after 9/11.

Essentially, this means that if you’re a liberal on 9/11 and you see airplanes crashing into our buildings, you’re thinking, “They’ll like us! They’ll like us! They’ll really, really like us!” It’s almost surprising that libs haven’t coordinated with al Qaeda to keep that good will coming.

They were upset when we invaded Iraq, warning that it would anger Muslims. But the latter are either mad and bombing us, or they’re not mad — and bombing us. Do you really care which it is? A liberal does. Because a liberal doesn’t mind getting bombed, just as long as no one gets mad.

What Golda Meir said about the Jews applies here as well: “The world is with us when we are dying. We prefer to live.”