The AP reported last week that two siblings, ages 75 and 81, who escaped the Holocaust, have been reunited after 65 years. Given today’s realities, namely that we’re in the 1930s all over again, the reunion can be summed up thus: “You found each other? Good, now drop dead.”

Consider that as early as 1979, President Jimmy Carter exclaimed, “I’m sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust!”

Imagine — Jews were only 34 years out of the killing machine that eliminated 1/3 of their race, they were still trying to find lost family, and he’d had enough. Can you picture what would have ensued if a politician said he was sick and tired of hearing about slavery — which in 1979 had ended 113 years earlier?

Most Holocaust survivors couldn’t even bring themselves to talk about their Holocaust experiences until Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation came along in the mid 1990s. And already the world is like, “OK, that’s enough out of you; quit yer whining.”