Despite its committed anti-Semitism, British society is learning that this won’t win it any kudos from Islamists. Note this August headline concerning the otherwise ignorable terrorism that targets Jews: “July 7 ringleader linked to Tel Aviv suicide bombers.”

Even British Jews are anti-Semitic: — “British Jews Criticize Gaza Raids.” But they should take heed of the various British academic and scientific boycotts of Israeli institutions there have been despite the fact that Israeli academics regularly speak and write against Israeli policies.

This should be a lesson that selling out your people by criticizing the “occupation” will only find you betrayed by those whom you sell out to. Which is how the world has worked forever. The “peace-minded” Israeli academics get burned not as Israelis (since they themselves are against Israeli policies), but as Jews — which is how they should have seen themselves all along. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Israeli who “thinks differently”; to the enemy, a kike is a kike.