And for the first Jewish Miss England, stereotyping is leading to medical school.

“The first Muslim to be crowned Miss England has warned that stereotyping members of her community is leading some towards extremism,” reads the recent Daily Mail article.

A year after making history as the first Muslim chosen to represent England in the Miss World pageant, 19-year-old Hammasa Kohistani said, “Even moderate Muslims are turning to terrorism to prove themselves. They think they might as well support it because they are stereotyped anyway.”

Of course, Bill Clinton tried stereotyping Muslims as non-terrorists in the 1990’s and that didn’t work either.

Kohistani added that she was “just a sugar coating on the situation. I am a symbol to show [that relations are] not really that bad.” Yeah, that must be what it was. No way she could have won because of her looks, could she:

If she’s the sugar-coating meant to trick Muslims, how does she explain that “several community leaders openly declared her to be betraying the laws of Islam while radical Muslims sent the teenager and her family death threats.”

And now Miss Kohistani is upset she won in the first place: “For a Muslim to represent England is asking for controversy at the moment. I feel after everything that’s happened Muslims are being stereotyped negatively.”

She is also upset that Iran, famous for hanging rape victims, has come under scrutiny: “The bridge I have made is slowly being broken by more and more wars. Now the Iran situation is brought up and another Islamic country is under scrutiny — and the recent Heathrow scare.”

It’s a shame that even this Uzbeki-born nominal Muslim is going the way of the Islamic galvanization, and identifying with her Muslim-ness rather than her Western-ness. After all, here is how Muslim the Uzbekis used to be (and for the most part still are, for the moment): When my grandparents fled from Odessa to Uzbekistan to escape the Nazis, my Jewish grandmother’s Muslim landlady talked her out of aborting my Jewish father.