Everyone from “Clinton is a brilliant politician” Democrats and Republicans to The Weakly Standard tried to make us believe that Clinton had the whole tiff with Wallace planned. The fact that The Standard had an op-ed about Clinton being a clever genius who had the whole thing planned out confirms for me that he didn’t. After all, The Weakly Standard never even got the Balkans straight. And still doesn’t get the Clintons. I guess spending half of one’s life on the Left reaps a lot of confusion.

The whole thing with the Clintons is that they still believe they’re untouchable and indestructible, and so they don’t plan. They have a history of walking into easily avoidable quicksand, only to have to claw their way out after. That’s how “intelligent” they are. (Two examples just off the cuff: Bill not visiting the WTC after the ‘93 bombing even just for a photo op; Hillary kissing Suha Arafat just weeks before announcing her candidacy for senator of heavily Jewish New York.)

So here’s an excerpt from a blind man’s analysis — the only analysis you need:

Conservatives–who believed Clinton’s tirade was nothing more than an act — are simply playing into the Clinton myth of infallibility, but the facts tell us something completely different.

When the former president began his meltdown, Chris Wallace said Clinton’s press secretary was urging FOX producers to cut the interview short. Wallace also claims Clinton handlers were complaining the interview was going on too long, violating the agreement previously established which set parameters for the discussion.

Wallace has also said Clinton seethed after the interview was concluded and, while leaving the studio, producers told Wallace that Clinton threatened to fire those in his entourage if they ever put him in a similar situation.

Now if this was all an act, Bill Clinton should receive the next Academy Award for best performance in a fictional drama. In reality, what the interview did demonstrate was Bill Clinton would have a hard time learning to deal with a confrontational press…No, Bill Clinton wasn’t faking it…and those who believe it was all a show for the Democratic base are simply giving this man too much credit.

Let me explain what trips up the folks who believe the Cilintons to be intelligent. You don’t have to be very smart — if the public is stupid enough. The Clintons never banked on their intelligence; they banked on our stupidity.

Oh, but he’s a genius — he can see an issue from 12 different sides. Yeah? Well, how ’bout a guy who can pick one? How ’bout a guy who can solve the damn issue? You know, a guy who can see through the clutter? Here’s one that puts its finger on this “thinker”: “Clinton never thought beyond the next news cycle.”

In a separate but related matter, Clinton said in the interview that he’s never criticized Bush. Did he mean, like, in his sleep? Like, when he’s unconscious he doesn’t criticize Bush? Because he spends every waking moment doing so. Or does it depend on your definition of “never”? Like I said, the Clintons think we’re idiots. And half of us are. Hence Bill’s enduring popularity. So, as if we needed it, here’s a freakin’ Washington Post article to refute that, titled “Legacy of 42nd President Framed with Barbs at 43rd.” There’s also this from The Anchoress blog.