reported last week that 13,500 Ugandan youths have promised to be chaste until marriage as part of the country’s fight against AIDS. Uganda has been a success story in the effectiveness of the “ABC program” that Bush introduced as part of his five-year, $15 billion plan to fight AIDS in 15 mostly African nations. Despite the indisputable effectiveness of abstinence, liberal elements including the ACLU and the Alan Guttmacher Institute poo-poo abstinence education and even kick it out of schools.

I think I figured out why liberals scoff at abstinence education. See, a liberal wants to know that people — especially people in miserable, poverty-stricken places like Africa — are having sex. It depresses a liberal to think that people aren’t having sex, or are having sex with only one person. A liberal assumes that Africans are like liberals, for whom food and sex are core values. And since there’s no food, sex is the only happiness that these poor people have.

What’s interesting is that the liberal media, in contrast to its sneering tone at Christian abstinence, is much less cynical when it’s African Muslims who are practicing faith-based abstinence. Note this line from a San Francisco Chronicle article last year about circumcision lowering the risk of HIV infection: “Although the apparent protective effect of circumcision has been noted for more than 20 years, doubts linger as to whether circumcision itself is protective, or whether the lower risk may be the result of cultural practices among those who circumcise. HIV rates are low in Muslim communities, for example, which practice male circumcision but also engage in ritual washing before sex and frown on promiscuity.” (Unless it’s ritual gang rape, of course.)

But see? No sneering cynicism. It’s only non-promiscuous Christians who freak libs out. (How dare Christians not be trying to get a disease! Indeed, pushing Christians toward sexual abandon could be part of the Left’s war on Christianity; they’re trying to help the jihad kill off Christians.)

In light of the Left’s war on abstinence, their simultaneous war on pharmaceutical companies has never made sense to me. If pharmaceutical companies didn’t work at a profit, they wouldn’t be able to provide liberals with all their STD medications, or with the Viagra so they could keep cheating on their spouses. Do they realize the cost of bringing a drug to market? If they want to schtupp, they’ve got to pay. Sex is expensive these days.