From AFP:

Attack the causes of poverty and you remove the roots of conflict — that is the message the Nobel Committee wanted to send out by awarding its Peace Prize to the creator of a micro-credit scheme which benefits millions, analysts said on Friday.

Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus, the so-called ‘Banker to the Poor’, and the Grameen Bank he founded three decades ago were the surprise winners of the award for pioneering a system of small-scale loans that has helped 6.6 million people escape the grind of poverty.

Commendable, of course. And nice to see a less political choice of awardee than usual coming from the Nobel Committee. But I’m confused. I thought America was the cause of all the wars in the world. America — which is resented for its wealth. So which is it? Does poverty cause the wars, or does wealthy America? They can’t have it both ways.

Actually, the Nobel prize should go to the person who figures out how to stop rich Muslims from trying to kill everyone. Now that would deserve a prize.