The child Madonna adopted, who is ubiquitously referred to as an “orphan” because his mother is dead, has a father living and working in Malawi, as well as at least one set of grandparents. Nonetheless, Madonna has adopted little David Banda to give him a more comfortable life in America.

Does this mean that when Madonna comes home with the child, we can expect Bill Clinton and the American Left to call for the Bush administration to send in U.S. Marshals to storm the Ciccone complex and confiscate the boy at gunpoint? After all, wasn’t the lesson from the Elian Gonzales episode that “a boy belongs with his father”?

Will Madonna be labeled a “kidnapper” as Elian Gonzales’ relatives in Miami were called by leftists seething with contempt for those who would face down Castro and make a life in America look somehow more desirable than a life in Cuba?

So any minute now, we should witness outrage over this child’s kidnapping to America — worse — sale to America, right? As one U.S.-based BBC journalist, in espousing the virtue of a boy living with his father rather than with freedom, summed up the difference between America and Cuba: “Ok, so he won’t grow up with a four-car garage, but at least he’ll be with his father.”

For that matter, why wasn’t Elian — who also didn’t have a mother — considered an orphan? If the only difference in Banda’s favor is that his father approved his sale to Madonna, that’s not even a difference, considering that Juan Gonzales approved his son’s departure to America, and called his family in Miami to make sure the boy got there. So we’re left with a very analogous situation. In fact, the case for returning Banda to poverty-stricken Africa is stronger than the case for returning Elian to poverty-stricken Cuba because, unlike Cuba, Malawi isn’t a repressive police state with human rights abuses around every corner. Additionally David’s mother didn’t die trying to get him here the way Elian’s did.

It should be just a matter of minutes before the voices of consistent justice start howling for the return of little David to his father as they did for the return of Elian, right? I’m holding my breath.