Drudge last week linked to an article about four Israeli doctors who were arrested for illegally experimenting on elderly individuals who hadn’t consented to such experiments or who didn’t have the ability to consent. Several of the patients died as a result of the experiments, some of the experiments had no scientific or medical benefit, and some were conducted despite warnings from senior doctors that they were illegal or unethical. Over the years, as the doctors’ careers advanced and they became known as experts in geriatric medicine, numerous complaints about the goings-on went unaddressed by hospital administration.

Since Israel is a civilized nation, its press exposed the experiments, its courts are actively bringing the violators to justice, and the Comptroller released a scathing report which also condemned the Health Ministry and the experimentation-control committees it established in hospitals in compliance with the Helsinki Accord of 1964.

Still, as my 2004 article “ Stem the Debate: Unethical Science Backfires” pointed out, human experimentation is precisely what can be expected from places that have the state’s blessing (in the form of funding) on embryonic stem cell research, and Israel is a leader in that field. (That’s why Christopher Reeve was over there every other month, pictured with the paralyzed victims of suicide bombers.) And yet this is the one thing Israel gets kudos on from the Left.

In the above-mentioned article, I wrote:

When did farming embryos for research and disposal become a legitimate avenue of research? If scientific research means pursuing all avenues [as some scientists say when asked about embryonic stem cell research], why not experiment on lunatics? Death row inmates aren’t busy either. Nor, for that matter, are the terminally ill or the elderly. These people have far less life potential than an embryo, anyway. If advancement is the priority, why not take an example from the Germans and Japanese, especially since our research is for creating cures and not plagues?

And so here we are. Sliding down that slope. And Israel is just the first country in which doctors have been exposed for this kind of thing. Imagine what goes on in other embryonic-stem-cell-research-leading countries that aren’t targeted for vilification, such as Belgium, Sweden, UK, Australia and Canada.

We are witnessing the implications of research unhampered by morality. This is the road we risk traveling down if our own government were to give its blessings to experimentation on embryos.