Every few years one of those “Changing Face of America” articles comes along, reminding us that white people will soon be outnumbered by the “minorities.” A Christian Science Monitor article last week touched on it in a paragraph that read:

Between the last official census in 2000 and the one of 2050, non-Hispanic whites will have dwindled from 69 percent to a bare majority of 50.1 percent. The share who are Hispanic will have doubled to 24 percent. Asians also will have doubled to 8 percent of the population. African-Americans will have edged up to 14 percent. In other words, the US will be on the verge of becoming a “majority of minorities.”

Such articles are usually more celebratory of such demographic changes, though — more on the order of this much talked about New York Times article from 2001, in reaction to which gleeful white (and non-white) talking heads come on the news shows and express enthusiasm for the day that white people will come to know “what it feels like to be the minority.”

Well personally, I can’t wait. That’s right — just wait ‘til white people become a minority. Boy are we gonna start acting up then. I know I’m going to par-tay! Ya’all better look out, ‘cause white girl is in the house, and you’d best treat her special! Who knows? Maybe I’ll finally get hired somewhere. And I know it’s a little late, but Ivy League — look out, ‘cause here I come!

In other words, I’d say the comfort level of minorities in a predominately white society is pretty darn high. And considering how much some of them get a kick out of intimidating white people, I can’t WAIT to become the minority race. Then I can REALLY take over! As Cartman on South Park might say, “Respect my minoritah!”

Funny thing: when I immigrated to America from Russia, I didn’t expect Americans to be jumping for joy over it. Nor did I expect the kids in school to put on plastic smiles over the diversity of my once-a-week bathing habits. Kids sure do have it easier today with all the multicultural respect going around; today, you don’t take a bath — you get respect!

The contradiction in the PC glee, meanwhile, is worth noting. We’re expected to celebrate being outnumbered, or at least not assign any value judgment to it, positive or negative, because “people are people.” So no bemoaning of it is tolerated, since that would be racist. On the other hand, they’re always like, “Ha! See how whites like it!”

So which is it, PCniks: are we supposed to be euphoric, or disgruntled?

Meanwhile, according to that beloved 2001 Times article, the 20 fastest growing cities — mostly to the west or to the south — experienced a 5% white increase, along with 23% more blacks, 69% more Asians and 72% more Hispanics. You see? Everyone is following the white people! In contrast, look at Detroit — which white people have been fleeing for years: now everyone else is leaving too. Apparently, a city without white people isn’t working for non-white people.