Bill Clinton has finally taken ‘immediate action’ — against junk food.

Through his foundation, the (s)ex president has struck a deal with five big snack food makers, who will now discourage schools from stocking vending machines with high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar, and/or high-salt treats, according to a recent AP report.

He said “the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic and skyrocketing health care costs made immediate action essential.”

Clinton has been known for taking other tough stances – even preemptive strikes — against climate change, against a sex disease, and against tsunamis and hurricanes. Like a rock star, Clinton last year went on his Obesity Tour, which followed the Tsunami Tour, which was after the AIDS tour. Maybe some day he’ll think of doing a Terrorism Tour.

Meanwhile, as for this latest junk food deal, as with all Clinton agreements, what’ll happen is the snack companies will continue supplying junk food to school vending machines despite the treaty, Clinton will be notified that the the agreement isn’t working, he’ll ignore the information and continue acting like the deal is good — until it becomes public, at which point he’ll blame Bush for the proliferation of junk food. (See North Korea.)