Remember that non-practicing, “nominally” Muslim province over which we bombed Christian children in their beds and dismantled multi-ethnic Yugoslavia? Yeah — Kosovo. Except get used to the trendier, Islamic/Clintonite pronunciation “Kosova” for when it officially becomes an Islamic state in a few months (with U.S. approval). Because that’s what we sold out our World War II Serbian allies for. And it gave us such a warm, fuzzy feeling to Balkanize the Balkans on behalf of Muslims who only hate us more now — that we’re still too verklemped to talk about it.

Here was the schedule for Kosovo’s highly Europeanized, non-Muslim Muslim Albanians during the holy fasting month of Ramadan, from Islam-online (emphasis added):

Local radio stations prepared “a variety of rich programs about Islam in general and Ramadan in particular.” Faculty members of Islamic Studies toured Kosovo, especially on Fridays for the khutbah (sermons) and Tarawih Prayer in the more remote villages, according to head imam of the Islamic Council of Kosovo Sabri Bajgora. The ICK also organized “religious activities in several cities across the province, including iftar with poor people [read “not mafia-connected”] in traditional restaurants.

“Bajgora said that like in every year, the imams of Kosovo came together to discuss a range of issues related to Ramadan. The main mosques in Kosovo open[ed] their doors in the last days of Ramadan for i`tikaf (spiritual retreat) and Qiyam Al-Layl (Night Vigil Prayer).”

Those popular bin Laden key chains were probably handed out to the kids like candy. Ah, it’s nice to see the Albanians fully awakened from their communist slumber to rediscover that they were meant for something even greater.