Have you noticed how the more people that the Islamists kill, the more intent we are on pronouncing and spelling their words correctly? Hezbollah recently became Hizballah. A while ago al-Qaeda became al-Qaida, and Kabul (accent on second syllable) became KAbul. Before that, Kosovo (accent on first syllable) becoming Kosova (accent on second syllable), and some sticklers spell Osama Usama. Moamar Qadafi is now Moamar Gadhafi. Also, “Muslim” is often pronounced Moo-slim, and ever since the Koran wasn’t flushed down the toilet, the spelling has changed from “Koran” to the more reverent Qur’an.

All this recalls the way that, after we nuked Hiroshima, we began pronouncing it “HirOshima” (accent on the o). Except in that case it was out of guilt, whereas today we do this stuff out of fear. Well I for one am not scared to pronounce the book “Kow-ran”, and the city “Cable” and the religion “I-slam” (since that’s what they do–they slam airplanes into buildings, cars into checkpoints and themselves into Jews).