Somewhat of a p.s. to Tuesday’s post about Turkish NATO troops’ good works for the non-Serbs of Kosovo: The province’s parliament has just approved Turkish as an official language, to join Albanian and Serbo-Croatian (the last one just a formality until they kick the last of the Serbs out). Turkish had been declared official in Kosovo before, in 1974, but the UN ended that in 1999.

Apparently, the 15,000 ethnic Turks of Kosovo “have had a long-standing desire for their language to be used in official documents.”

This could be fun. To see the Ottomans — the last to hold caliphal authority — duke it out with the Saudi Wahabbists, who want to claim caliphal authority and have been funding the Islamization of Kosovo and Bosnia. Also could be fun to see Kosovo’s Turks give the Albanians a taste of their own medicine as the Turks grow in number and eventually establish their own exclusive hospitals, schools and government offices and the non-Turks become second-class citizens (not to mention target practice), soon giving way to the Turks declaring Kosovo theirs, just as the Albanians did to the Serbs.

As a source in the area reported to me, the latest news from Serbian TV is that in Sandzak there has begun Taliban-style forced female circumcision of wives. This is in Europe, kids.

As Bill Clinton explained, we entered this conflict “to defend our way of life.”

Feminist Susan Sontag agreed: “There is such a thing as a just war.”

America gets a real pat on the back for this one! Bush still has a chance to clean up even this Clinton defecation and turn it around by siding with the last remnant of civilization in the Balkans — Serbia — against the jihad-tending elements. But he and Condi are too busy fighting the war on terror to worry about jihad.