These are just some nice pictures to go with last Tuesday’s “Update on ‘non-Islamic’ Kosovo.” (Hat tip: Mickey at Serbianna.)

They may still be wearing their Eastern European thug-favored jogging suits and leather jackets as these “nominal” Muslims go through the motions, but they’re on their way to the only future that an independent Kosovo can look forward to: compulsory Islam. Courtesy of the U.S.A. and NATO.

In Tuesday’s other post, I quoted an article that read (emphasis added), “Serbs claim a radical Islamist wahabi movement, financed with Saudi money, has been active in the region lately, contributing to ethnic tension there. Serbs say that Saudis have been paying Muslim women to wear Islamic robes and veil in public - contrary to the region’s traditions.”

But you don’t have to be a Serb to observe the takeover. You can be a Scotsman, a Jew, a Brit or a Muslim — and you could have done it a decade ago:

The Scotsman, Nov. 1998: “US Tackles Islamic Militancy in Kosovo
The Jerusalem Post, Sept. 1998: “Kosovo Seen as New Islamic Bastion
Associated Press, Nov. 1998: “REPORT: Bin Laden Operated Terrorist Network Based in Albania
The London Times, Nov. 1998: “Bin Laden Opens European Terror Base in Albania
The London Times, March 1998: “Iranians Move In
The London Times, Nov. 1998: “US Alarmed as Mujahidin Join Kosovo Rebels

Hell, you can even be al-Jazeera, which was the only news organization to carry this Reuters report last year: “Daily Violence in Kosovo Rattles UN”:

A series of bombings and beatings in Kosovo may be part of a drive to put pressure on the United Nations to grant independence to the ethnic Albanian majority this year, UN officials and diplomats say…a pattern of almost daily acts of violence this month — some aimed at international officials — is worrying Kosovo’s UN overseers and the 18,500-strong NATO-led peace force.

…”There’s been an increase to almost one per day,” Kai Vittrup, the Danish head of the 3000-strong UN police force, said…The more serious attacks included a bomb blast targeting President Ibrahim Rugova’s convoy on 15 March, which he escaped from unhurt, and a vicious attack on two elderly Serbs on Monday, for which there have as yet been no arrests.

Or you can be an Albanian-American KLA fundraiser and weapons smuggler who admits in a Dutch filmmaker’s PBS documentary that he accepted help from al Qaeda, saying “I would have taken help from the devil.” (Note: the devil’s got nothing on the KLA.)

Some more fun progress in our Kosovo “Mission Accomplished” Nation-building project:
“Kosovo drug baron among terrorists”
“Kosovo Albanian drug-boss admits friendship with al Qaeda leader”
“Kosovo Albanian implicated in Norway terror”

But look on the bright side. At least Bosnia is a success: “‘Bosnian leaders ignore testimonies on mujahidin crimes’ –ex-Al-Qa’idah officer” (from BBC Monitoring, but forgive the URL for it).