At one point in the film, we witness Bosnian Muslims relishing in the destruction of an Orthodox Church in Bosnia. With this one brief segment, “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” becomes the first film to recieve wide attention in the U.S., that truthfully shows Muslim aggression in the Balkans as well as the Balkan connection to the worldwide Islamic jihad — rather than falsely portraying Balkan Muslims as nothing more than hapless genocide victims, as they have been depicted for more than a decade.

Airing on Fox tomorrow at 8:00 pm and repeating on Sunday at 1:00 am, the documentary will also show that modern Islamists are heirs, especially in the Balkans, to a Nazi past in WWII when the Mufti of Jerusalem gave his blessings and encouragement to slaughter Serbs, Jews, and anyone else who stood in the way of their dominion. We actually see Heinrich Himmler inspecting the Bosnian Muslim SS troops.

Let’s hope Fox doesn’t cave in and edit these parts out, particularly the Bosnian church destruction. The “experts,” including people who were on the ground at the time, will howl that this was merely retaliation for “what the Serbs were doing.” Do not be fooled. Muslims of the Balkans were attacking churches before the stuff hit the fan, and they haven’t stopped. In fact, they’ve stepped it up since we won their wars for them. For example, the Albanian Muslims of Kosovo have destroyed at least 150 chruches and monasteries since the 1999 war. And yet, even seven years on, journalists continue to refer to the rampant killing and ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo as “revenge attacks.” Such thoughtless defilement must be met with the question: “Then why did the Albanians also cleanse the Roma, Gorani, Jews, Ashkalis, Croats, and in some cases non-Muslim Albanians? And why have the ‘aggrieved’ Albanians moved on to make land claims in neighboring Macedonia, southern Serbia and Montenegro?”

The film’s director, Wayne Kopping, managed to hit on something even though he himself had no idea that Kosovo, like Bosnia, had been a ploy to get the West to fight on behalf of jihad. Kopping listened incredulously as I explained after his film’s premiere at last year’s Liberty Film Festival that we hadn’t put a stop to “genocide” in Kosovo; there never was any genocide — and such was the finding at the Hague itself, where the Milosevic trial went unscrutinized and uncovered by a single American newspaper.

A side note: The Catholic Albanians of Kosovo toe the same tribalist, nationalist agenda, which brilliantly played into the hands of the jihadists, who have made great strides throughout the Balkans since our naive meddling there, and before the very noses of the NATO contingent there. The non-Muslim Albanians won’t like lying in this bed they helped make.

Maybe in a year’s time Fox will be ready to broadcast, and the country will be ready to see, another important documentary, this one titled “Islam: What the West Needs to Know.” Here too, in a single brief segment, and without skipping a beat in its current map of “Islam on the Move,” the film marks with red paint the areas that have been falling to Islam in recent years. The film unapologetically includes Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania and parts of Serbia, Macedonia and Greece among the dominos.