The New York Post reported that, “Thousands of Arabs, outraged by the Muslim-vs.-Muslim bombings in Jordan, angrily rallied against al Qaeda yesterday.”

“Now they’ve committed a sin against Islam,” Jordan’s Queen Noor said.

In Amman, a groom who lost his father and father in law said, “This is not Islam. The world has to know that this has nothing to do with Islam.”

Yeah, because Muslims are supposed to kill only non-Muslims (and women).

For its part, al Qaeda first explained the attack by implying that Jordanians weren’t Muslim enough, but after the “Burn in hell, Zarqawi” chants, al Qaeda changed its story to the hotels being where a lot of American, British and other foreign government agents hang out. In the end, they said it wasn’t al Qaeda’s intention to bomb a wedding party.

Afterwards, al Qaeda held a global member conference to figure out, “What was our message again?”

Regardless, in the wake of the Jordan attacks–if not in the wake of recent attacks in Saudi Arabia–this would probably be the part where a rational population in those countries would think to itself, “Gee, maybe Jews aren’t so bad?”

Meanwhile, if suicide bombers hit the wrong target, does that mean the 72 virgin deal is off?