From the online publication “TOL” (Transitions Online):

On 2 November, a group of Wahhabis disrupted a prayer in a mosque in Novi Pazar, the largest town of the region of Sandzak, which stretches along both sides of the border between Serbia and Montenegro. The incident deteriorated into a mass fistfight between the Wahhabis and adherents of traditional Balkan Islam. Shots were fired both inside and outside the mosque and the imam himself was attacked.

Sandzak is a region of Serbia that I mentioned in two recent posts. More from the Monday article:

“Wahhabis are taking over Bosnia,” said the cover of last week’s issue of Dani, a Sarajevo-based newsmagazine. The weekly, which addresses largely Bosniak secular audiences, also highlighted numerous other incidents, some fatal, involving Wahhabis….During the war…a process of tangible radicalization was under way in some parts of central Bosnia and later Sandzak….Security forces and reporters, both local and international, tackled in their own ways things like alleged terrorist plots, suspects taken to Guantanamo Bay, murders committed by Wahhabis, and Bosniak girls pulled out of school into forced marriages with Wahhabis.

…The only truly new element…was the Bosniak feeling of victimhood. …[T]his newly acquired taste on the part of Bosnia’s largest ethnic group for taking offense quickly and loudly narrowed down public space for thoughtful analysis of the phenomenon.

The Bosniaks’ friends in the West — including human-rights activists, politicians, journalists, and academics — didn’t help either. Many still sport patronizingly benevolent attitudes toward Bosniaks, attitudes that perhaps speak of friendship as much as the lack of respect for the befriended. For them, any controversial issues having to do with Bosniaks and Islam are not to be tackled. What was permitted, however, was an affirmative discourse that endlessly revisits Bosnia’s centuries-old tolerance, its moderate Islam and its “people just like us.” The cheesier takes still often deteriorate into musing on the beauty of Bosnian women…[as Richard Gere just did].

From the English version of the Belgrade daily Politika:

Muslim religious dignitaries in Bosnia…are calling on believers to reject Wahhabi teachings, even though state institutions there continue to tolerate that movement. It has long been suspected that a number of Wahhabis are present in Raska district [Sandzak] and in Kosovo-Metohija. It is not known how many of them there are, but recent events in Novi Pazar point to an urgent need to take action to protect citizens from violence perpetrated by members of that movement.

Perhaps the Bosnians, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton should have thought twice before throwing their support behind al Qaeda-linked fundamentalist Alija Izetbegovic to be president of Bosnia and our “partner for peace.” And perhaps the Croats and Balkan Muslims should have thought twice before depicting the entire conflict as one brought on by Serbs, and the West should have thought thrice before buying and reselling that propaganda. Bosniaks’ nationalism allied them with the mujahideen, who were flown in with our and Iran’s help, and today Bosniaks suffer the inevitable, forseeable, predictable, hackneyed consequences of that alliance.

Look for it to only get worse. Because with the “assistance” and “advice” that George W. Bush is currently seeking from the likes of James Baker (who in the Balkans is in line with Clinton, Clark, Albright, Holbrooke and Berger), we will likely continue the destruction of Serbia by turning the whole area over to the Croats, Bosniaks and Albanians, achieving “Peace in Our Time.”