The Jerusalem Post recently reported that the four Jihadists who recently shot up an Oslo synagogue also planned to kidnap and behead Norway’s Israeli ambassador Miriam Shomrat. Involved were two Pakistani nationals, a Turk and a “Norwegian.”

“Sunday’s shooting came less than a week after an Al Qaida plot targeting the site was uncovered,” JihadWatch reported.

And now the Kosovo connection: Kosovo Albanian implicated in Norway terror

One of the four suspects arrested in Norway on terrorism charges last week was in contact with Princ Dobrosi, a Kosovo Albanian mafia boss that formerly ran the largest European heroin empire from Prague.

According to the Norwegian daily Dagbladet, Dobrosi has established connections with one of the Oslo detainees, Pakistani Arfan Qadeer Bhatti, who headed a four member al-Qaeda group planning attacks on the Israeli and US embassies in Oslo. …Arfan Qadeer Bhatti visited Dobrosi in Pristina, Kosovo, this summer…

Norwegian police ha[ve] been pursuing Dobrosi since 1996 because he escaped from a local prison after bribing a ward who smuggled him out in a van with dirty linen. Fugitive Dobrosi underwent a plastic surgery in Croatia.

MORE on Dobrosi, whose wife and two children live in Prague: Kosovo Albanian drug-boss admits friendship with al Qaeda leader:

According to a Czech daily Mlada fronta Dnes, Bhatti has solicited operational help from a Kosovo Albanian drug-boss Princ Dobrosi in order to plan attacks on the Czhech capital, Prague. …Dobrosi headed the strongest Kosovo Albanian drug mafia gang that was in control of the northern branch of the Balkan route headquartered in the Albanian dominated Serb province of Kosovo. Dobrosi’s gang controlled the distribution of heroin and other drugs from Kosovo to Nordic countries via the Czech Republic.

Various Kosovo Albanian clans maintain distribution branches in other European cities. Dobrosi is the first of the ethnic Albanian drug bosses to admit direct links to al Qaeda.

And from a translation of Belgrade’s Blic daily:

“Evidence exists that Dobroshi had close connections with Daut Haradinaj, the brother of former Kosovo premier Ramush Haradinaj. Through him Dobroshi controlled drug smuggling on the route Kuks - Pec - Bar and vice-versa,” says Blic’s source, emphasizing that Dobroshi issued an order to assassinate Daut Haradinaj after his brother Ramush began to testify before the Hague tribunal. According to the same source, Interpol has complete documentation regarding Dobroshi’s involvement in operations by extremists, members of criminal groups close to drug barons throughout Kosovo and Metohija with the goal of assuming control over smuggling drugs, white slaves and weapons.