Well it looks like my people are back to their pathetic old ways. Whereas the ‘04 elections saw Jews voting only 60-something percent Democratic, now they’re back up close to 90 percent, meaning that they’re still voting with the Muslims, who want them dead, and with the Muslims’ leftist fellow travelers at MoveOn.org and such.

YNetNews.com reports that this past Nov. 7th Jews displayed “the highest percentage of support for Democrats since the Republicans took over Congress in 1994.” And here’s the gem:

“In this election, Jews voted for candidates they thought would be good for Israel, but not necessarily the ones who would be the best for Israel, said Steve Rabinowitz, an elections expert.”

That should work out nicely.

“Jews didn’t vote for anti-Israeli candidates, but also didn’t ignore other issues important to them: the war in Iraq, the economy, immigration, the environment and abortion, he explained.”

Imagine what Jews trying to survive the Holocaust would make of today’s Jews, to whom it’s less important to save Jews than to abort them.

So in between fretting about intermarriage and assimilation and lack of Jewish observance and communalism and a depleting Jewish population, Jews are fretting over their right to kill more Jews.

Or is it just the non-Jewish babies they want to see aborted — and increase the Jewish population percentage that way?

I’m trying to understand.