The AP reports that al-Zarqawi said al Qaeda didn’t mean to bomb a wedding party at an Amman hotel last week. Boy, are those suicide bombers in trouble now! At the very least, the 72 virgin deal is off. Meanwhile, 57 members of al-Zarqawi’s family ran ads in Jordanian newspapers renouncing their relative and head of al Qaeda-Iraq. Reactions:

Al Qaeda: Oops! Sorry, we mistook you for infidels.

Jordanians: Well…ok…you can go back to bombing Jews and Americans.

Al Zarqawi’s family: That screw-up got the wrong target? He’s an embarrassment!

Kofi Annan: See, look, an apology. Hitler never once apologized. He never said, “Sorry, I was mainly trying to kill Jews, but somehow everyone else got in the way.”

Bill Clinton: Mr. Zarqawi has apologized. It’s in the past now. We should move on.