When I first heard that Carter was “apologizing” to Jews, I knew that this cynical bastard was just trying to have his cake and eat it too. His anti-Jewish screeds are still out there influencing opinion and making money, so any apology would have to begin with him publicly taking apart all his anti-Israel books and op-eds and his anti-Jewish statements, and pointing out the passages where he lied, where he omitted, where he distorted—and why. He might also consider returning some of the terrorist money that finances The Carter Center.

Of course, thanks to a piece this week by Ed Koch, we now know that Carter’s spawn’s sperm is running for office in a Jewish-heavy area, so the not-too-apologetic apology means nothing from the get-go. Koch makes reference to “Carter’s Baptist faith,” which “tells him that he will be held accountable by God for his statements and actions here on earth.” But the point about Carter is that he is the opposite of faithful.

After I wrote the article “Jimmy Carter: Recovering Racist, Still a Bigot” in March of 2006 — before Carter released his then latest version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion — I received a letter from an Iowa reader named Lee, who grew up in a small Georgia town called Tifton, about 40 miles from Plains. Her family is all too familiar with the reality of Jimmy Carter rather than the “humanitarian” and “best ex-president,” as she related to me in a letter at the time:

Carter is everything that is bad about ‘religion’ as apposed to faith.

He uses his religion to advance his social position.

He uses his supposed religious scholarship as a way of oppressing others within his congregation and anywhere else he can.

He uses his ‘good works’ as a form of currency to buy his way into arenas he would be kept out of otherwise.

He uses his hate as a form of ‘wisdom’, an easy way to accrue followers, his true goal. (The racist is always working to convince others of the ‘wisdom’ of their point of view, they package it as not hate, just practical wisdom.)

He uses his ‘good works’ as a way of stifling critics of his past or present.

He found life at the top of the celebrity heap irresistible, and will do anything to stay there. Both he and Clinton love the Celebrity Life. Both he and Clinton were never exposed to the heady life of power politics until they were elected president. Both lusted after it and were unable to focus on anything else once they attained it.

We should take a lesson from this: Never elect a person President who has not been exposed to this social environment before, and shown they can retain humility and perspective. Someone who has shown that being part of that social whirl is not their core motivation.

The fact that both the Carters and the Clintons move to states just to be able to move into Washington politics should be a first water disqualifier. The sad part of celebrity is that it is fed by people who will do anything to be associated with it, even if it is only having one as their Rep. or Sen. The pathetic history of the Kennedy family should dissuade them from biting on that worm, but it hasn’t so far. Now that we are a ‘mature’ nation the states should pass laws making it a requirement that anyone running for congress from that state must have been a fulltime resident of that state for at least 10 years…Any celebrity glow is dulled and eroded by this law, and the merits of the person have to be their only running strength. It also forces people who want to do this kind of thing to display something they usually lack: Patience.

The advantage the Bush family has over the current crop of Kennedy wannabes is this: They were part of the higher levels of society and power long before this generation. They don’t show signs of ‘pushing’ their kids. If a child doesn’t want to go into politics, that’s just fine with them. It isn’t the prime force behind the family’s social status or wealth. Once they are there, they better show they are SERVING, not grandstanding. Before the family will back them, they better BE WORTHY. Barb and George were never boosters for their eldest son until he straightened up. Part of the American Puritan Ethic is: Be worthy first, then serve others in your family, then your community: Then GO HOME and shut up. The Bushes are Puritans from way back. The Kennedys, Clintons, and Carters are not.

This reinforces the part of the American Idea that people who lust for power should never be given it. Sometimes we mess up and do, though.

Can you imagine ‘Shrub’ taking over his church when he moves back to Texas? I can’t. Mom would be utterly revolted. Dad would be ’saddened’. The kiss of familial death in the Bush Clan.

The comparison between the two motivations is clear: Bush Sr. has “kept to the code” of shut-up and sit down, Carter and Clinton have not.

In his eternal cynicism, Carter also may be finding motivation to apologize by the contemplation of his own mortality, as Ed Koch suggests. So again, he wants to have his cake and eat it too, in the event that he did offend God by egging on Jew-killers. (Koch quotes Psalms 129: “They will be humiliated and will fall backwards, all enemies of Zion.”) So in case this is all a sign that Carter is nearing the grave, I think it’s worth reproducing the eulogy I wrote for him earlier this year:

O Jimmy Carter,
Upon this world were you a farter.
Things were tough enough, and you made them harder,
Iran was never sweet, but you made it tarter.
Did you know you’d be such a fire-starter?

You thought yourself a uniter, instead you were a parter,
For jihad were you a happy martyr.
And when, despite the words in his own Charter,
You nonetheless slipped off Arafat’s garter,
With the Devil did this “Christian” barter.
In the end, even the Dumb Jews from you did finally departer.

You think you’re going to Heaven, but God is smarter,
For Hell will make you a fire-darter.