As long as we’re still importing third world immigrants, with particular favoritism toward Muslims ones, could we please get some more Ethiopians in? That way this country will have at least someone willing to fight back against jihad. I’ll take some more Sikhs too. They may not love the Jews, but they really don’t love Muslims. But my main focus here is Ethiopians. Let us for a moment recall Sweet December, 2006:

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) Ethiopian prime minister says his country is at war with Islamists in Somalia.

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) Witnesses say eight Ethiopian fighter jets are attacking a Somali town held by an Islamic militia.

Islamists Defeated in Somali, but Regional Concerns Remain

NAIROBI, KENYA — …The [Somali] administration, known as the transitional federal government (TFG), has been unable to locate in Mogadishu before now, but the withdrawal of Islamists from the capital under fire from Ethiopian forces means it may now finally be able to do so.

The Islamists’ six-month rule was brought to an end when neighboring Ethiopia, claiming threats to its own national security and with tacit U.S. support, sent in troops to support the embattled TFG and rout the Islamists.

Ethiopia is considered a “Christian” country, although Muslims comprise almost half of the population.

In Nairobi’s Eastleigh Estate, which hosts about a half a million Somalis, the mood was gloomy after the retreat by Islamists…Since the Islamists took control of Mogadishu and other parts of southern Somalia last June, they have mounted a public incitement campaign against Ethiopia and declared a jihad against Addis Ababa last month…

Then came the naysayers:

Somalia could be Ethiopia’s quagmire

NAIROBI, KENYA — … “I don’t understand what Ethiopia’s objective is,” said David Shinn, a former U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia and now a political science professor at George Washington University. “I can’t imagine their objective is to occupy and hold Somalia. It was a very limited victory.”

Most experts agree that Ethiopia’s battle-tested army, numbering as many as 150,000 troops, could easily beat Somalia’s ragtag Islamic fighters, which are believed to total under 10,000. But Islamists say they would compensate for their lack of numbers and sophisticated weaponry by pursuing an unconventional war….

“The Ethiopians could get bogged down into a hopeless, long-term guerrilla campaign with enormous supply lines,” Shinn said. “I don’t see how they ‘defeat’ the Islamists in the long run.”

Ethiopian officials said they acted to preempt threats by Islamic forces to launch a “holy war” against them.

Angry youths rioted in several Somali cities, urging all adult males to join the Islamic forces. The Ethiopian attacks appeared to be bolstering support for the Islamists.

“I used to think that the Islamic courts were just another interest group, but now I recognize that they are standing up for the country and religion,” said Muse Ali Omar, a banana vendor in Mogadishu. “Ethiopia is my enemy, I will not sell bananas anymore,” he said. “I will take my gun and go for jihad…”

Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed, a moderate Muslim, said, “As long as the West is supporting Ethiopian invasion, it will open the door for Islamic courts.”

The Ethiopian strikes have helped unify the Islamic Courts Union, an alliance of religious leaders…[O]ne Islamist leader issued an invitation to Muslims worldwide to join the fighting in Somalia. Eritrea is also believed to have dispatched as many as 2,000 troops to aid the Islamists.

(Definition of “moderate Muslim”: an Islamist who is “peaceful” until something hinders the spreading of Islam, at which point he or she blames that hindrance for the spread of Islamism and vows to join the jihad. Liberals’ definition of “quagmire”: a military response to the spread, by force, of totalitarian ideology.)

Meanwhile, recall the name Zewdalem Kebede. That is the San Diego State University student who a few weeks after 9/11 confronted four Arab students in the school library as they laughed about and praised the attacks on America — and was reprimanded for it by the university. Sure enough, Kebede is Ethiopian.

I love Ethiopian resolve. How does it make us look? They’re doing what the Western world won’t, and on empty stomachs. Which answers something I’ve always wondered about Ethiopians: How do people in that starving country manage to make all the babies they do if they haven’t eaten? (Personally, I can’t have sex unless I’ve eaten, and even then…) Where do they find the strength?

Now we know: they’ve got more balls.