After long journey, Bosnian refugees get U.S. citizenship

Fifty disabled Bosnians and Croatians

became U.S. citizens at the federal courthouse in a special ceremony Friday after a court fight let them bypass the normal citizenship tests.

They had struggled for years to become U.S. citizens. Most do not speak English, the language of citizenship tests, said Ann Lever, an attorney with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri Inc., which filed a lawsuit to speed up the process.

The new citizens are part of a community of some 40,000 Bosnians and Croatians who settled in St. Louis after fleeing the [self-inflicted, so-called] genocide in their home countries that raged during the 1990s.

Friday’s proceedings were conducted in English, then translated to the Bosnians, who cheered and applauded at almost every step in the process.

U.S. Judge Stephen Limbaugh oversaw the proceedings and was the first to greet the new citizens as “my fellow Americans,” which won a round of applause.

Now a drumroll, please, for the climax:

“[Stephen] Limbaugh encouraged the group to maintain their cultural traditions and share them with their new neighbors in the Midwest.”

As if they weren’t going to do that! Our Muslim “fellow Americans” have given us a whole new window into the word “sharing.” But in case they don’t share emphatically enough as it is, here’s a little help from an archbishop, to keep the charade going:

Archbishop Raymond Burke of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis said during a speech before the ceremony that America has long accepted immigrants from all nationalities and religions.

“I know that some of you are of a Christian background and some are of an Islamic background,” Burke said. “We do share in common that teaching…that the stranger is to be welcomed as a member of the family.”

Aren’t these one-way relationships a bitch!

(Oh, to explain the Catholic presence at these proceedings: The Croatians are Catholics, and the Vatican was quick to recognize the Independent State of Croatia when it broke away from Yugoslavia, back to its Hitler-defined borders. I am not one of those anti-Catholic Jews by any stretch of the imagination, but when the Vatican abets evil, I will point it out. Just as I will give it kudos for being pro-life.)