As I’ve pointed out before, it’s a natural progression: Rise in Germans converting to Islam

Around 4,000 Germans converted to Islam between July 2004 and June 2005 which is four times as many as in the prior space of time, said the study which was conducted by the Islam-Archive Central Institute, based in the western town of Soest.

The head of the German Islam think-tank, Salim Abdullah pointed out that most of those who converted to Islam, have been women and well-educated.

…Meanwhile a sociologist of religion, Monika Wohlrab-Sahr, pointed out that many potential converts view Islam “a very genuine alternative.”

…Based on statistics released by the Islam-Archive Central Institute in May 2005, some 14,352 out of 3.5 million Muslims in Germany are of German-origin.

Apparently at least one German Jew is on board:

According to a Berlin-based Muslim leader Mohammad Herzog, there are various motives for the sharp rise in the number of converts, saying many have been former devout Christians who had cast doubts about their faith.

Talk about preemptive surrender!

Meanwhile, this 2005 article warning of an alliance between the jihadists and neo-Nazis actually puts the trend at a higher number. There is “a community of 100,000 ethnic German converts to Islam.”

All this really got a jump start more than 10 years ago. From The Wiesenthal Center World Report, Fall/Winter 1995/96:

Ernst Uhrlau, head of the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution, warned that German neo-Nazis fighting as mercenaries in Bosnia may return to Germany with “a new attitude to violence, with fighting experience, with wide-ranging contacts abroad to like-minded people and access to weapons and explosives. We cannot expect them to remain inactive,” he said.

There have been growing fears about the activities of neo-Nazis in the former Yugoslavia since a former German member of the French Foreign Legion, Eugen Kammerer, revealed he had spent 18 months with the mercenaries in Bosnia for German intelligence. “There are over a thousand foreigners there, mostly Germans, fighting on all sides.” Ewen Southby-Tailyour, a former Royal Marine colonel who served with the European Community monitoring mission in Croatia from 1993-1994, said recently he had met German mercenaries, some wearing swastika armbands, serving in the Croatian army.