Here I begin posting some of the letters I’ve received over the past week.

From someone calling himself Ante Gotovina, the name of the Croatian former general indicted for the deaths of 150 Serbs and ethnic cleansing of 150,000 Serbs from the Krajina region during Operation Storm, email

You talk about Croatia as if we were some agressors in tha past war with serbia! Look at your country your president is the biggest war criminal in the world!! so WHO are you to talk about our heroes Gotovina and Glavas! Bush is ten times wors then Hitler! so go fuck yourselve!!!!!

A similar one, from someone calling himself Ante “Heroj” Gotovina. Most of this one was too vulgar to reprint, so I’ll just include the ending:

Let me leave you with this you jewish whore,we may have executed serbs during world war 2 but at least we didn’t kill jesus and aren’t responsible for most of the wars that have been going on since Israel became a nation. Why the hell don’t you return golan heights to the syrians? The west bank, jerusalem to the palestinians?

I hope you get run over by a bus and [WW2 Croatian leader] ante pavelic rapes you in hell.

Ante Ante Zivot Za Te!!! Bog i Hrvati!!! Za Dom Spremni!!!!

Another illuminating one, from someone calling himself by a similar name — Ante Je Heroj [Ante the Hero?], email

Your article titled “When will world confront the undead of Croatia?” is possibly one of the worst and most biased articles i have ever read. Were you by any chance dropped on the head as a child? Your pathetic atempt to label croatians criminals and fascists has failed miserably. I’d recommend you get some reliable sources and not some cetnik [Serb]ones before you write an article of such “Bullshit”. You are clearly a serb lover and have probably slept with many of them. That is why you are so quick to grab onto their balls and suck them dry. The only criminals are Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic (ask your cetnik friends about them). Ante Gotovina and Branimir Glavas have been found guilty of nothing and yet you label them criminals.

Croatians are by no means fascists but yet you claim that we would love a hitler statue. You are a paranoid idiot…P.S: God Bless Ante Gotovina and Branimir Glavas. Also, fuck you for killing Jesus.

Below, just a reference point on Glavas:

Glavas Case Raises Concerns About Croatian Judiciary

The investigation followed claims by Krunoslav Fehir, a former member of a Croatian unit under Glavas’s command, that the general ordered gruesome extrajudicial executions of Serbs in Osijek.

Fehir alleged that Glavas ordered civilians to be imprisoned in his wartime headquarters, the National Defence Secretariat, where they were interrogated, tortured and finally killed. The alleged acts of torture included forcing acid from car batteries down their throats.

…The Zagreb District Court’s handling of the matter has been criticised as lax, and although this prosecution was generated locally, it has rung alarm bells among those worried about whether Croatia’s judiciary is ready to take over war crimes cases referred to it by the Hague tribunal, as part of the latter’s completion strategy.

Three months after the investigation into his case began, Glavas is still a free man, despite repeated requests from prosecutors to place him in custody. They have argued that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the accused is impeding the investigation by intimidating witnesses into changing their testimony.