You will pay for calling Croats fascists! Shame on you!

From “Dado”, email

Hey! what do you have against Croatians!? You don’t seem to know much about us or our history! Why don’t you look into facts before posting a faulse article like that! [Baltimore Sun]? I bet you have some Serbian or Jewish blood in you! Trying to teach other uneducated Americans such as yourself that Serbs are good and Croats bad, when the rest of educated world knows the truth!

From a dcesaric povratak, email, subject “Dead Serbians”:

too bad your ancestors were not killed, stupid bitch.

From Nina:

You are a disgusting bitch who will rot in hell with Milosevic your savior. Stick to your Communist Russian heritage. You have no right to speak about Croatian people or anybody from that region, when in fact you are not even from there. You definitely are messing with the wrong people. You have degraded yourself to scum standard. Im sure you are a spitting image of your ugly pitbull.

From Felix Majer, an Argentinean of Croatian heritage, (possible descendent of Ustashas who fled to Argentina after WW2?), written entirely in Spanish. Here is just one sentence, the sentence that mentions his Croatian lineage:

Si esta interpretacion es cierta, Ud. ofende a mis antepasados en tal magnitud, que me reservo la opinion hasta su contestacion y aclaracion al respecto en un plazo logicamente breve. (Translation: If this interpretation [of the article] is correct, you offend my forebears to such a magnitude that I will reserve an opinion until your response and clarification…]

There are other emails from Croats in South America and I must admit that those are the most polite. But I can’t help but think about the fact that South America –and Argentina in particular — is the famously preferred Nazi retirement destination. Former Ustasha commander Ivo Rojnica, now in his 80s, is still hanging out there:

One of the directors of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Efraim Zuroff says that Belgrade is entitled to seek extradition of Ustasha commanders Ivo Rojnica and Milivoj Ašner, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Serbs, Jews and Romas, in order for them to be put on trial in Serbia, since Croatia refuses to start the proceedings against them.

Rojnica and Ašner, now in their eighties, live in Argentina and Austria respectively without even attempting to hide. Zuroff says he has requested from the Croatian prosecution to start the extradition proceedings and the trial but with no results to date.

You were saying something about Croatia’s full cooperation in prosecuting war crimes, Mr. Babic?

If Croatia hasn’t even come to terms with its WW2 past, I suppose we should be impressed that it’s done anything at all with regard to the 1990s wars.