Ah, now we’re getting somewhere:

From a Vladimir Gronjak at vladimir.gronjak@sb.t-com.hr:

American bitch. All fighters against american intrest in world are fighters for freedom.

From Robert, at robert_pelaic@hotmail.com:

Your are one uneductaed bitch Ms Gorin. Get off your Jewish Propaganda wagon and realise that the state of Croatia has always been one of unity and beleife in God. God is our saviour and as shown in history over battles and battles. Unfortunatly for the world Jasenovac was not used at full capacity.

From “Croatian Man,” whose subject was written in English but the rest of the email in Croatian. So here’s the English part:

Jewish bitch! im not fashist. im sorry 4 ww2 and inocent jewish people. please dont shit on croatian nation. sorry on bad english.

From “AverageCroatianLiberalCitizen”: “go back to cave. you are stupid bitch.”

From a Robert Kirincic:

…by the way,you like to write about the Croatians as people who gravitate towards war criminals (Ante Gotovina)…what about the many people who cheer for the war criminal Ariel Sharon. Not only is he cheered, he is/was the leader of Israel. When you point fingers, know that there are three pointing back at you…

So in the single historical case of Christian Lebanese killing Muslim Lebanese instead of the other way around, the Jew who didn’t even know this was happening is as guilty as the Croatian who ordered mass ethnic cleansing and had command control over tortures and killings.

A man named Ivica Fonti, apparently from Croatian Radio, directs me to this site, which shows photos of Serbian neo-Nazis. What’s funny is that the page is called “Worldwide Free General Ante Gotovina Campaign” (again, only Croatian war criminals are OK), and comments from Croats include:

Well well, I did not know Mesic once did had a brain that functioned, since those words are oh so true. But I do kneel. I kneel every day thanking God that I was born with Croatian blood.

The comment poster is referring to current Croatian president Stjepan Mesic who, as my article mentioned, was recently broadcast on national TV giving a speech 10 years ago, in which he referred to Croatians as winning in WW2 twice: first when Hitler gave them their own state, and then when they sat at the winners’ table with the Allies and other “victims” of the Germans. He also said there is no need to “kneel” at Jasenovac (that is, apologize for burning Serbs and Jews alive).

From Matej: how much money did the Serbs pay you to right that article??

From “Domagoj,” with a repeated request that I keep getting:

Come to visit Croatia (like many Americans do) and you’ll see that we are as fascists as other west european nations. You have offended many croatian citizens. Don’t believe to extremist serb propaganda.

Ah yes, my information comes from all that voluminous pro-Serbian propaganda that’s just everywhere you turn. So abundant is it, that the Serbs got themselves bombed in 1995 for a marketplace mortar attack orchestrated by Muslims, and again in 1999 for “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” that didn’t even happen, as the late Daniel Pearl found out as early as late 1999. So effective is this Serb propaganda that as late as 1995, the Wall St. Journal published a letter by the Croatian Embassy that still referred to the Serbs — despite their saving more than 500 downed US airmen while the Croats were fighting for the Germans — as Nazi collaborators.

From “BB”, supposedly at arrrrt@hotmail.com:

What I pile of shit you are allowing to be printed. Write about 40+ years of killing Palestinian children and explain it to us.

From Barbara Sostaric:

Do your research before you write. Speak to a true croatian before you start writing about them.

From “Stipe”:

How do you know that Croats are fashists? By some statements of serbs in USA?Who gives you the right to attack a nation that was under serb autocracy for 55 years-remeber Tito? [Editor’s Note: Tito was half-Croat, half Slovenian.] I Invite u to come to Croatia and see that things are not the way u think.We are just people who wanted to have our own state which our grandfathers dreamed from the time of King Zvonimir.If u want facts about serbs just look on the internet and see what chetniks [Serbs] are like and u will see how cruel and vindictive they are.

From an Albanian, apparently, named Kurvo Glupa:

How could you say that about Kosovo you idiot. You don’t know what the Serbs did to us, cause you are probably serbian. Serbia [isn’t] anything now, and Kosovo will gain it independence and you can go fuck youself. Bitch

From “Jack”:

I just want to tell u that u dont [k]now a shit about situations on Balkan, u dont [k]now nothing about croatians history and what was the reasons that crotia was fighting on wrong side. If u want to see what is croatians people like, came to croatia! And croats wariors didnt wear svastika on their uniforms or helmets, that is the bigest lie that I ever heard. We were the victims of this war, u are blind and someone is giving u a false facts. Please, be more informated, because that what are u writing is not moral or etihcal.

About that “lie,” herewith a response in the form of a November letter in the UK Daily Telegraph, titled “Witness in Croatia” by retired Lt Col Ewen Southby-Tailyour, who served in the Balkans in the 1990s:

[W]hen in Croatia for the final months of my tour, I saw Croat soldiers wearing swastika armbands. Swastikas were also painted on crossroads and buildings; and not removed by the authorities.

The Republic of Serbian Krajina was indeed internationally recognised Croat territory, but the reasons for the Krajina Serb actions, while reprehensible, were understandable considering the provocations. I am no Serb apologist, but simply believe that blame for atrocities on both sides should be more correctly apportioned.

And from Chicago Tribune, April 1993:

Instead of road signs pointing the way north from the embattled enclave of Srebrenica, travelers see markers with the letter ‘U’ — a chilling symbol of Croatia’s pro-Nazi Ustasha movement in World War II. Troops operating chickpoints along the route for the Croatian Defense Organization in Bosnia, known as the HVO, also have taken to wearing Nazi swastikas and Iron Crosses.

Just a word about the repeated requests I’m getting to come to Croatia and get to know the people before writing about them (as well as to Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia so I can get a better sense of how good these people are and how bad the Serbs are). One person emailed me that if Croatia was as bad as I say, why would so many people from all over the world be flocking to it for a visit? I think a letter printed Saturday in the Baltimore Sun by Chris Deliso sums that up better than I can:

…Western media and governments have consistently failed to hold the Croats to the same level of accountability as the Serbs or other Balkan actors — perhaps because Croatia, unlike Serbia, has a beautiful Adriatic coastline that wealthy Western retirees have eagerly been buying in recent years.

After all, who would want to compromise the chance of seaside vacation idylls with unpleasant talk of concentration camp excesses…the kind of torture and mass murder that shocked even the Nazi German authorities?