From a U.S. Air Force pilot who bombed Serbia twice:

Ms Gorin:

Please continue to write and raise awareness about the awful PR handling going on in the Balkans. I was involved in 1995 and 1999 with the USAF against Serbia, both times, and thought I was doing the right thing.

Imagine my shock after meeting and marrying my wife, who is from Vukovar, and is 1/2 Serb, 1/2 Croat.

We shudder now to see that the UN, NATO, & the US are backing Kosovo independence, there is little left of Serbia, no telling what will happen if they go through with it, the Serbs never leave quietly. What next, Voivodinja? Can the EU make land grabs like the Albanians?

I’ve visited Croatia and Serbia 3 times since 2001, from Vukovar, to Negotin, to Rovinja, with a Simon Winchester and Richard West books to keep me company. It is so hard to understand how a place and people could rise and fall [s]o quickly and terribly.

God save the Balkans!

See you at the next War,

Peter L.

From Michael, in Slovenia:

Dear Mrs. Gorin

I read your article “When will world confront the undead of Croatian” in a Baltimore Sun. Even if I not agree with all statements in the article you were stated, generally you made a point. It is not well known that during the WW2 Independent State of Croatia (NDH) known as quisling fascistic state, occupied a small part of Slovenia (northern neighbor state), a 42 square kilometers from small town Bregana till Brezice and banished Slovenians into the Concentration Camp Jasenovac.

I like to advise you that today the Croatian government denied constitutional rights of Slovenian minority as constitutional nation and their parliament deleted Slovenian minority from the Preamble of the new Croatian Constitution. They even rename language of the Slovenians living in the Croatia from Slovene language to a “Kajkavic” Croatian dialect.


Dear Julia
I want to say that your article from yesterday (16 jan) about: When will world confront the undead of Croatia? was very good and interesting. I have worked for two years in the Balkans with the Nato forces 1997-1999, and I know what you are talking about!

Best Regards from Sweden


My name is Helena [M] and I live in Sarajevo. I don’t know if that is of any relevance, but I am Bosnian — not a Serb, Croat or Moslem — just a Bosnian.

I received your article through a friend and as much as I trust the subjects like this should not be addressed in such brief forms as this article is, I have to admit that to my knowledge of history what you have written is largely true.

There is one thing though that deeply concerned me and it is this:
“The Serbs weren’t angels, but they are the only Balkans players to have admitted as much and actively done something about it. The media, our policymakers and our filmmakers still refuse to take the messier but more accurate view of the Balkans. For it is the more daunting task, one that could force the realization that the Serbs weren’t just fighting their enemies; they were fighting ours.”

When have the Serbs admitted anything and what has been actively done about it? And is it really so simple to believe that the Serbs started the war only because they saw the Independent State of Croatia raising form the ashes, and that their only intention was to help mankind by fighting revived fascism?

There are so many layers to the Balkans story, and if guilt could be sliced it would be impossible to decide who was to take the largest part, but I guess we could easily agree that the international community has an awful lot to do with all of it — they threw the hook and we (meaning all of the nations here) were only too happy to grab it….

Please note that the paragraph she cites from the article does not attribute motivation of any kind to the Serbs in why they were fighting whom they were fighting. It did not say that this was a selfless act for “mankind,” as Helena puts it. It simply stated a fact: Even if Serbs were mostly just averse to living under the rule of those who killed their parents and grandparents and knew it could happen again, the fact is that there is a large crossover between their enemies and the enemies of the civilized world in general. Let’s face it: the Serbs were the canary in the mine shaft.

As for her saying that the Serbs haven’t admitted to or done anything in recognition of their crimes, this is simple and blatant dishonesty. Aside from the daily self-flagellation that Serbs engage in — including claiming the existence of mass graves in Kosovo that even the U.N. reproached Belgrade for inventing — the previously cited Amnesty reports show that the Serbs have been the most proactive in prosecuting Serbs. That’s in addition to the Serbs that the Bosnians, Croats and Hague have been prosecuting.

From a counsel and foreign policy advisor to a U.S. Congressman:

Dear Ms. Gorin,

I appreciated your initial article regarding confronting Croatia’s undead, and your later response to the Croatian Embassy’s attache. As counsel and foreign policy advisor to a Congressman on the Hill, I did a lot of work in the Balkans — particularly with regard to terrorism and trying to change US policy toward that region. As you might expect, it was an unbelievable experience. It’s always nice to read a bit of truth. Thank you.

From Charles Alverson:

Dear Ms. Gorin:

I greatly admired your recent article about Croatia’s past — and not so past — involvement in murderous and anti-Democratic activities. I hope you got a lot of readership. If you have an emailing list, I would like to be on it.

I am an American retired journalist formerly with the Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone. I’ve been living in Serbia for over 12 years and am especially interested in Kosovo…

Please note that Mr. Alverson is one of perhaps only four American journalists who have any interest in straightening out the farce that is Balkans “history,” and exposing the abomination that was and continues to be U.S. foreign policy in the Balkans. Four journalists, and that includes the entire blogosphere, which is shameful.

From Nathan Pearlstein, who works with Israpundit:

Peter Robert North and I have had similar hate mail directed against us — some of it bordering on death threats, surprise,surprise(NOT!)

Now you know why the Croatians allied themselves with the [Bosnian president Alija] Izetbegovic Islamo-fascists: to combine forces to more quickly slaughter the philo-semitic anti-fascist Serbs. Julia, you just kicked some real Ustasha Croatian Nazi ass!! We at IsraPundit are fully behind you.

Best wishes for all time,
Nathan Pearlstein

Just a quote from a comment posted by Mr. Pearlstein on Israpundit, original emphasis included:

It is no surprise that Israel — despite enormous pressure from the US government of Clinton to cease and desist — was the only country in the world to help the Serbs with more than mere empty words: Israel “put its money where its mouth was” and sent weapons and humanitarian aid to the Serbs; by doing so she was proving in a very practical and deeply appreciated way, that Jews never forget who their true friends were during the Shoah: the Serbs of Yugoslavia.

And, of course, letters from some appreciative Serbs:

After reading your article in Baltimore sun I realised that there are still people that do understand what really happened in ex Jugoslavija…Maybe Croatia wouldn’t be where it is today were there more people willing to stand up for the truth, and not only mind their own existence. You are braver than myself and for that I salute you, there is an old saying here in the Dalmatia which says: He who tells the truth cannot be killed, for he will never be forgotten.

Thank you forever!
[Signature omitted by request]


Hi, My name is Ilija and i am a Serb born in Croatia, now residing in Florida and was one of the refugees in 1995 that you mentioned in your article. I am…very happy to see that not all of America thinks that we were the only killers in that war. Most of my family was killed in that war and my father has been missing since 1995. From ‘95 to ‘98 I was a refugee living in Kosovo with my mother and older sister. During that time I saw the truth of what the Western media tries to hide, i saw the true side of Albanians that are always portrayed as innocent victims. I would just like to show my appreciation of the effort and time you have taken to write this article, and Thank You.
Ilija in Florida


…I was born and living in Croatia until they forced me to go out simply because I was not “a clean Croat” they want. My mother is a Croat and my father was a Croatian Serb. They, Croatians didn’t like that. They robbed our house at the beginning of the war and chased us out of there. I live in the US now with my family and I feel so so blessed to be away from those fascists. God bless you for your work and give you enough courage to continue!
Best regards!



I was very suprised after reading your article, because there is not many American journalists, or even Americans, that blame Croatians or Muslims for any atrocities committed in that region. Being of a Serbian background and having lived through the war in Bosnia, I am all too familiar with the propaganda on Serbian soldiers, while Croats and Muslims appeared innocent victims. Though Serbs did kill, nobody was reporting on the ethnic cleansing done by Croats and Muslims. The whole world was against Serbs. And all Serbs wanted was Yugoslavia where Muslims, Croatians and Serbs would live together. And all Croatia and Bosnia wanted was independence. In ‘92, Croatians forced Serbs out of their homes in an operation called “Oluja” (the storm).

However, none of the Croatians living in Serbia were forced out of their homes, in fact, they are still living there. There are many Muslims and Croatians in Belgrade and they have lived there for many years. Even during the war in Bosnia and Croatia, nobody put any kind of pressure on them to leave Belgrade. So I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because there are individuals, like you, that don’t listen to everything American media says.

Thank you again,
Rosa R.


Hello Julia!

I read your article in “Baltimore Sun” regarding ex-Yugoslavia and I just want to say FINALLY! Finally someone got brave enough to write the truth about Yugoslavian civil war in 1990’s. It was really about time, of course it’s about 15 years too late but nevertheless, I’ll take it :)

That’s all, I just needed to show you my support and say thank you!

My best regards,