When George W. Bush became president, I wrote a joke that goes:

All my Democratic female friends are freaking out that Bush got elected, saying “Ohmygod, what’s going to happen to healthcare, what’s going to happen to women’s rights, to abortion rights?! I’m moving to Canada; they’ve got nationalized medicine over there. I’m going to Canada…” So I told them, “Go ahead. Go to Canada. You can get an abortion over there. But the waiting list is nine months.”

Sure enough, it’s no joke — at least in England (though we’ll be hearing about other countries soon enough). From the BBC on Monday:

Women are having to wait up to seven weeks for an abortion, more than twice the maximum three week wait set by the government, the BBC has learned…One west London GP told the BBC’s World At One programme some of his patients had to wait until they were 15 weeks pregnant before having an abortion.