Well, it looks like the Albanian mafia in this country—much of whose proceeds are exchanged with al Qaeda et al—is outpacing both its Italian and Russian counterparts. Boy, it’s a good thing we “rescued” and resettled that clan here.

In Kosovo, meanwhile, the Albanian Muslims have been attacking UN and NATO ever since NATO “saved” them, and gearing up for all-out war against the West this year if it stands in the way of the logical conclusion of the jihad we helped them fight six years ago. That is, full independence (i.e. an Islamic-narco-terror mafia state without peacekeeper oversight). Such are the fruits of Bill Clinton’s “successful war.” Then again, for Democrats, that was a successful war. After all, we fought for the enemy.

People talk about George W. Bush alienating Europe. Hello-o! Bill Clinton BOMBED Europe! Interestingly, in his penchant for apologizing to people of color, Clinton recently apologized to Rwandans for failing to prevent their genocide. But he has no intention of apologizing for the genocide he helped mastermind–that of Serbs in Kosovo. After all, Serbs are white and–barf–Christian. So what would be the political point of that?

Incidentally, subsequent investigations have found that there was no ethnic cleansing or genocide of Albanian “Kosovars” (Muslims) by Serbs. But who gives a damn? So what if we bombed the Serbs and handed the Balkans to al Qaeda on a silver platter? Why set up a commission to investigate that? Especially since Kosovo and Bosnia are the base of operations for attacks from London to Madrid? What’s a Serb, anyway?

Here’s a mini starter guide on Kosovo—a region that hasn’t finished with us:

The correct spelling of Kosovo is Kosovo, accent on the first syllable. The made-up Muslim spelling is Kosova, accent on the middle syllable. The latter pronunciation is used by Muslims and dhimmis like Wesley Clark, Bill Clinton, Richard Holbrooke and other Dhimmicrats. So if you’re not a Muslim but pronounce Kosovo as ‘Kosova’, then you should be pronouncing Muslim as ‘Master’, or ‘Massa’.

What does Kosovo mean in the Serbian language? “Black bird” (or, more accurately, “of the blackbird”). And what does ‘Kosova’ mean in Albanian? It doesn’t.

Because Kosovo is Serbian. But we’ll be taking it from the Serbs and giving it to the terrorists over the next few months. After all, we gave them Bosnia; let’s be consistent. And what are we giving the Serbs? Nothing. Because unlike the others, they don’t attack UN, NATO and Americans, so why should we give them anything?

Slight problem: Serbia isn’t giving up Kosovo, and Albanians aren’t taking “no” for an answer. So look for a 2006 war in Kosovo. The Albanians have been readying for it since ‘99. Can we take the right side this time? Please?