I was alerted to this post from January by a reader of the brilliant satirical website The Peoples Cube. By “Sister Massively Opiated”, of Canada:

…Given the probable reality that the UN will grant Kosovo independence… an interesting (object? abject?) lesson in sovereignty or lack thereof… despite the fact that what they will really be doing is handing over a piece of someone else’s country based on massive immigration by non-native populations and subsequent breeding like rabbits on their part, mixed with a soupcon of ethnic genocide and persecution (I had the honour of travelling throughout Yugoslavia in the summer of ‘87 and met Serb girls no older than 10 who’s families had been driven off their farms, their fathers murdered and mother and themselves assaulted - I can’t even type what was done to them - and had no recourse even then because the authorities in their areas were all ethnic Albanians and Belgrade didn’t want to rock Tito’s already listing ferry)… So… it got me to thinking… There are a bunch of Kanadians who really like the island of Manhattan… we were thinking of coming down there en masse, breeding up huge families, setting our psycho and sociopaths loose on you, and then applying to the UN to start a new country… you figure it’ll work? Kosovo will be a test case…

Related is a reminder, from Russell Gordon’s article last year, of the Kosovo that America built:

In one incident, Albanians allegedly dressed in NATO/KFOR uniforms approached a group of 14 Kosovo Serb farmers in Staro Gradsko, slaughtered them, and were rumored to have mutilated some. British NATO forces botched the entire forensics investigation and no one has been caught. Since 1999, over 1000 ethnic Serbs have been kidnapped and murdered, with few of the bodies recovered. Few ethnic Albanians have been arrested or tried for these murders, or for the destruction of over 130 historic Serbian churches, the countless monuments and graveyards vandalized, or the ethnic cleansing of 230,000 Serbs and other minorities.

Kosovo Albanians have committed armed robberies in France with automatic weapons and RPG’s, and have overtaken the Sicilian Mafia in Italy, largely due to their ruthlessness, and closed society. Their criminal rackets stretch into London and throughout the US. Their money has bought off US senators and congressmen; their revisionist history and expansionist aims made official policy of the US Congress, and State Department. In Kosovo, their heroin labs are protected and heroin transported by units of the US military. During the Albanian insurgency of 1997-1999 (and through 2001 in Macedonia and Presevo), US Special Forces and British SAS armed, trained, and gave battlefield expertise to Albanian separatists waging brutal separatist campaigns in the region. During the war in Kosovo in 1999, the US military airlifted the Albanian UCK terrorists into some Serbian villages, where every civilian was slaughtered.

In front of the five heads of UNMIK [Richard Holbrooke] bellowed: “Forget multi-ethnic Kosovo. Forget Resolution 1244 [which reinforced Serbian sovereignty over Kosovo]. We only signed that to get rid of the Serbs.” …When the “international community” has voiced any consternation at Albanian savagery, it has been at the inconvenience it causes to American policy designs for the region. Holbrooke, returning to Kosovo in 2005 as a $250,000 paid advisor of the Kosovo Albanian regime, suggested that it would be easier to get independence “if [they’d] stop killing Serbs.” Given his anti-Serb penchant, and previous comments that “Serbs are murderous assholes,” one assumes he would lodge no protest if the “final solution of the Serbian Question” was resolved AFTER the status decision.