Another beautiful day in our pal Kosovo: Muslims stab Kosovo Serb woman, stone school

February 6, 2007 — Twenty seven year old Kosovo Serb woman Milica Delevic was repeatedly stabbed, then robbed and left for dead on the streets of the northern Kosovo town of Kosovska Mitrovica. She is hospitalized and is under intensive care after undergoing surgery.

Milica Delevic was ambushed by the group of Albanian Muslims around 7 p.m, in the dark part of the street near the Red Cross building where she worked. Stabbings were done on her abdomen.

Regional spokesperson for the UNMIK police, Larry Miller, confirmed that young woman of Serbian nationality was attacked with the knife and seriously wounded but said that the motive was robbery and not the fact that she was Christian Serb. Miller says that they are holding two men in custody but they are not the attempted killers but alleged witnesses.

Serbs are under constant intimidation by dominating Muslims in Kosovo who have expelled over 200,000 Christian Serbs out of the province in an attempt to make a religiously pure Islamic state.

Meanwhile, a Serbian elementary school in Lipljan was stoned by the group of young Albanian Muslims who broke windows and damaged walls then fled the scene as the police was arriving.

In a village of Crkvena Vodica, Serbian residents were exposed to verbal abuse and threats of expulsion by a marauding Muslim mob that was shouting slurs at them, demanding independence and threatening forced expulsion by sending all “Serbs to Serbia”.

In another Kosovo village of Obilic, another Muslim mob was intimidating Christian Serbs and the police personnel while addressing the UN envoy Marti Ahtisaari with a slogan of “How much more should we pay you for independence?”.

This is a daily occurence, folks. That’s why I always say: Need target practice? Shoot a Serb…it’s legal! What makes this particular item unusual is that someone has actually been taken into custody.

Good thing we took care of those genocidal Serbs, huh? “Defending our way of life” is what Bill and Hillary Clinton both called it. That’s right: ethnically pure state-building is our way of life. And look at the beautiful domino effect: Now Montenegro is well on its way in the same direction, and Vojvodina (in Serbia but full of Hungarians who think it should be just them), earlier Croatia and Slovenia, to name a few. Meanwhile, that genocidal Serbia can’t seem to get rid of any of the 26 other nationalities that the Serbs insist on living among.

By the way, the daily Serb-killing is not “revenge attacks” and “revenge killings,” as the press has been dubbing them for the past eight years. As James Bovard wrote in his book Feeling Your Pain, what the Serbs reacted to in 1998-99 was years of “terrorist ethnic cleansing” against the Serbs. This is a continuation. Newspapers from the New York Times to the Washington Post to the Christian Science Monitor spent the 80s reporting on the curbs on Serbs’ civil and religious rights in Kosovo. But then Bill Clinton needed a war so, as Peter Brock put it in his excellent book Media Cleansing, Dirty Reporting, Clinton and his fawning journalists “started the clock” in 1999. Meaning, the context was given exclusively in terms of current events and not the backstory that led up to them.