Geneva Convention member states last week approved the “Red Crystal” to represent Israeli relief services, enabling Magen David Adom to join the Red Cross and Red Crescent Society, whose ambulances and relief workers are protected by international law.

This means that Christians get to have the Red Cross and Muslims get to have the Red Crescent, but Jews are only allowed in if their symbol is “free from religious, national or cultural connotations,” as an AP report termed it.

This crystal sounds very new age to me. The article describes the emblem as “a hollow red diamond on a white background.” Hollow indeed.

Now the Geneva Convention just needs to figure out how to get the Israeli relief workers to stop wearing those offensive yarmulkes…

It’s of course interesting to note that the Star of David emblem that kept Israel out of the society for all these decades is more offensive than an emblem that has caused the kind of carnage that requires emergency medical services in the first place.