Here’s one you don’t see every day. Kreshnik Bejko wrote me from Canada:

I am as much a neo-con as the next Jew, and I am also Albanian. I am distressed that you keep harping on some alleged Albanian lobby effort to bring American Jews to its side, when the Albanian lobby is so fractured and penniless that any Jewish-American it gets is on merit not on punditry. If anything, it is the Serbian lobby that dished out 15,000 to pay Canadian Gen Lewis MacKenzie to voice their view of things.

Also, why to you always associate Albanians with Muslims anyway? Have you ever been in Kosovo or Albania? Have you see how nominally muslim we are? What would you make of a Mormon Albanian like me?

I would submit to you that your “Muslim Albanian” word association is as realistic as to say “Mormon Albanian”.

I would also accuse you of being paid, and I’m going to suggest to Eric Margolis to keep a close eye on you.

Kreshnik Bejko “Mormon Albanian”

Kosovo Albanians are more than 99.9% Muslim. Albania is more than 70% Muslim. When these two join up — as was the “Greater Albania” plan from the beginning (Albanians in Kosovo, Albania and America have been coveting maps of it for decades) — even a neocon can do the math. “Nominally Muslim” is the buzz phrase that the media used to dupe us into joining the Albanian-nationalist crusade for the Kosovo land grab in Europe, which bin Laden’s men trained them for. As I wrote in last week’s FrontPageMag article:

Albanians argue that their fight for Kosovo is not an Islamic movement but a national one. (DioGuardi himself is Christian.) Palestinians, of course, make the same claim. But the big picture is the same: jihad.

To further illustrate the ludicrousness of continuing this irrelevant tripe about the “non-religious” Balkan Muslims, consider that it’s like saying, “Oh, Soviet Jews have a very ’secular’ tradition of Judaism…they don’t really practice.” Uh-duh. That’s because Communism oppressed everyone’s practice of their faith. But as soon as they could, Eastern European Muslims picked that ball right up, didn’t they? Notice that their activities in the 1990s belie their “secularness”: It appears they knew quite well how to practice the most salient aspect of Islam. Such images should be familiar by now.

The “nominally Muslim” Albanians weren’t going to stay that way, as longtime Balkan-Muslim shill Steven Schwartz recently found out. That was the whole plan. With the NATO bombs came Wahhabis and Saudi mosque-building money. Young Albanians — like young nominally Muslim folks everywhere — are keenly receptive to the radical message:

Muslims of [Kosovo] became hosts to the Wahabis and other Islamic extremist sects that are relentlessly building mosques across the province and recruiting local Muslim Albanians by the droves. Saudis, Kuwaitis and others have built mosques to supply the surging pious among Kosovo Albanians.

Reliable sources on the ground in Kosovo confirm that Wahabis are tremendously popular among young Muslim Albanians, that UNMIK is afraid to patrol certain quarters where Kosovo Wahabis dominate and that even the peacekeepers themselves are afraid that their action may trigger a violent reprisal.

The popluarity of radical Islam among young Albanians is something that was a source of concern to the Yugoslav government as early as the 1980s: “In Yugoslavia, Rising Ethnic Strife Brings Fears of Worse Civil Conflict” —

The current hostilities pit separatist-minded ethnic Albanians against the various Slavic populations of Yugoslavia and occur at all levels of society, from the highest officials to the humblest peasants.

A young Army conscript of ethnic Albanian origin shot up his barracks, killing four sleeping Slavic bunkmates and wounding six others.

The army says it has uncovered hundreds of subversive ethnic Albanian cells in its ranks. Some arsenals have been raided.

Hey, Mormon Albanian — good thing you weren’t in Utah last week, huh? Your Bosnian compadre against the infidel Serbs killed a few Mormons. Here was our warning about this, from a 1992 House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare report:

Islam experienced an unexpected renaissance in communist Yugoslavia in the mid-1970s.

The revival increased the number of mosques throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina and led to a growing number of local youths being sent for higher Islamic studies in the Middle East, especially Iran, where the classes in schools for radical mullahs included some 250 Bosnians a year.

According to a [recent] TFTUW report, the Yugoslav government in Belgrade was concerned about what it saw as evidence that within its 40 percent Muslim population there were ‘’Muslim terrorists operating against the West'’ and that ‘’Yugoslav Muslim youths were drawn into cooperation with and emulation of Arab terrorists.'’

Osama bin Laden and his top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, with help from Iran, have recruited and trained brigades of blond, blue-eyed Bosnians and indoctrinated them for martyrdom, according to a report in Insight magazine… “The next wave of terrorism could be carried out by people with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes.”

Iran and the al-Qaida terrorist network began recruiting and training Bosnian Muslims more than 10 years ago for war against Orthodox Christian Serbs and Catholic Croats in an effort to expand the Muslim base in Eastern Europe.

With his fair skin, the only thing Salt Lake martyr Sulejman Talovic was missing was the blond hair. Boy, civil rights folks and politically correct investigators are going to be longing for the days when “racial profiling” was even an option.

To get a clue about the “secular” Balkans Muslims, watch this short Sky News video about the “new” Bosnia.

More evidence that Kosovo Albanians weren’t quite as secular as we wishfully thought, Mr. Bejko: the presence in New York and Wyoming (among, I’m sure, other states) of things called the “Albanian-American Islamic Cultural Center.

Here are your still secularish Albanians, Mr. Bejko. Say good-bye.

The Kosovo that America built is a disturbing picture indeed:

(Courtesy, Russell Gordon)

In Kosovo, an intolerantly violent nationalism (the Albanian flag) has its complement in the Islamic jihadism as Albanian mosques are springing up across the province while churches are being destroyed and looted. (Russell Gordon)

Bali i Kombetar, the Albanian NAZI party insignia on Pristina wall, 2006. Bali i Kombetar was a volunteer Kosovo Albanian Nazi organization formed in 1939 and reported on by Himmler to Hitler as the most elite of Kosovo Albanian Nazis that have killed and expelled thousands of Serbs and Jews in WWII. Today, this Albanian Nazi organization is freely flourishing under the protection of NATO troops. (Russell Gordon)

With “UCK” spray painted (Albanian for the “disbanded” KLA), a primitive Kosovo inhabitant uses state-of-the-art technology to snap a photo of his fellow tribesman urinating on a burned-out church that hasn’t yet been reduced to the rubble that the rest of the churches and monasteries in Kosovo are (except the ones that are behind barbed wire):

(Russell Gordon)

A more typical-looking church in Kosovo (the red lettering reads “Death to Serbs!”:

Dubbed the “Bin Laden” mosque by foreign visitors because of all the Osama bin Laden photos on its walls (since removed), this is the Turkey-financed Medina mosque. (Photo courtesy Stella Jatras)

Speaks for itself.

Hey, how come Albanians can’t be even as minimally honest as Palestinians: “We Don’t Deserve A State

What do I make, you ask, of a Mormon Albanian like you, Mr. Bejko? The same thing I make of the Catholic, Muslim, Eastern-Orthodox and other Albanians who signed on to the nationalistic land grab and ganged up against Yugoslavia. You’ve made a bed that we’ll all have to lie in.

Note: There were plenty of pro-Yugoslav Albanians who didn’t have a problem with their Serbian neighbors. During the 1998-99 hostilities, one Albanian farmer handed his gun to his Serb neighbor, warning that “the troublemakers are coming; you’ll need this.” That kind of Albanian is in short supply and certainly isn’t the one dominating the Kosovo debate. Talk to virtually any Albanian, of any religion, and he/she is pro-”Kosova”.

Oh, and about that lobby stuff: I guess the National Albanian American Council doesn’t count? (See this letter to them from Wesley Clark.) I guess the names Wesley Clark, Tom Lantos, John McCain, Eliot Engel, Bob Dole and Bill Clinton — all of whom have been getting millions of dollars from the Albanian lobby over the decades — don’t ring a bell? Clark, Clinton and Dole didn’t get streets named after them in Pristina because of their altruism.

The Serbian lobby, meanwhile, has only kicked into gear in the past year, realizing that they really were going to lose Kosovo because they were outspent and out-schmoozed by the Albanians. (Incidentally, Albanian-Americans raised $30 million to bring us to war on their behalf in 1999, and most recently, U.S.-based Albanians are helping fund and arm Albanian terrorists in Montenegro; that’s how “fractured and penniless” the organized, multi-front Albanian effort is.) About not targeting the Jews, Mr. Bejko, see The Forward article from Feb. 2nd “Kosovo Seeks Jewish Backing for Independence“:

DioGuardi has been cultivating Jewish groups that supported NATO’s intervention to dislodge Serbian forces from Kosovo in 1999 but have been quiet since. In order to elicit their backing, his group has been distributing literature and appearing at synagogues to educate Jewish audiences about the little-known fact that Albania had protected all its Jews during World War II.

Considering that individual Serbian towns saved more Jews than did all Albanians combined, this is blatant exploitation; the most that can be said about the Albanian record on Jews during WWII is that they were no worse than many other European nationalities, as I outlined in my Jewish Week article responding to THE ALBANIAN PITCH TO THE JEWS THAT THE JEWISH WEEK RAN.

As for my getting paid — wait ’til I tell Mom and Dad that one! But notice what an alien concept it is to an Albanian — even a Mormon one — that an outsider would take sides in the Balkans without getting paid. Doesn’t that just say it all. Mr. Bejko, not only do I not get paid by Serbs to write what I write, half the publications I write for don’t even pay for the articles! That’s how pathetic my endeavor is. I WISH the Serbs had Albanian kind of money! As for General MacKenzie, sure it’s possible that in one of the Serbs’ two or so limp attempts to counter the lies that three Balkan entities have been spreading against them, they tried to buy a grain of sand to push against the tide. Bad Serbs. For even attempting to not roll over and just take whatever the propagandized world says they have coming to them.