In coffee shops in Gospic, Croatia, sugar packets don Hitler’s face, along with a joke about killing Jews.

Source: B92 JERUSALEM, ZAGREB — The Simon Wiesenthal Center…has called on Croatian authorities to put an end to the production and distribution of sugar packets with Hitler’s image and printed anti-Semitic jokes.

The Center has issued a statement signed by its director Ephraim Zuroff, expressing its “disgust at the fact such a product could have been made at this day and age, in a country where the Holocaust was for the most part perpetrated by the local Nazi collaborators.”

Žarko Puhovski of the Croatian Helsinki Committee told B92 the most worrying aspect of the scandal was a lack of reaction in the Croatian society.

“This is not about someone spraying graffiti, this was printed in several thousand copies, for weeks, perhaps months, and no one reacted. Then Novi List journalists reacted. Then there was silence again, and then the Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a statement”, Puhovski said.

Puhovski said he hoped the company producing the sugar packets as well as those distributing them would be punished, adding that the main problem still remained with the public that “accepts anti-Semitism”.

For her part, owner of the Požega-based company Anita Ivanečić declined to offer any comment.

Joke Translation, courtesy of Mickey at

Hitler comes to the Jews and says, “I’ll play you a record!”
Jews: “Which one?”
Hitler: “Concrete!!!”

The joke for Croats here is supposed to be with the word ‘record’, because the word “PLOCA” in Croatian has a double meaning: one a record (as in LP), which is what is SAID in the saying, and the other, a TABLET, something you put on a grave, which is what is MEANT by the saying.