I heard from Mickey at Serbianna.com in response to my earlier post, “Letter from a Mormon Albanian,” and he illustrates my point better than I do:

Just as the Muslim Albanians use folks like this Mormon Albanian, or for the forceful matter, Christian Orthodox Albanians such as Koco Danaj who is the leading ideologue of a “natural” Albania (euphemism for Greater Albania), so is radical Islam, from Hamas to al Qaeda, using the ideology of another Christian, Michel Aflaq.

A Christian Arab, Michel Aflaq is the ideological father of the Islamic terrorism in the Middle East just like the Albanian Christian Koco Danaj, who is the leading ideologue behind the Muslim Albanian fundamentalism that is only now in its nascent stage of envelopment as you properly demonstrate in your analysis.

A Christian, Aflaq was an ideologue of the Baath Party that funds Islamikazees on Jews in Israel, but according to the ex-ambassador to Iraq, Sami Sadun, Aflaq abandoned Christianity and converted to Islam before he died.

If the fate of a Christian nationalist is to convert to Islam as illustrated by Aflaq, then logic dictates to wonder what fate will befall the Albanian nationalist movement that Mormons and Christian Albanians now believe in?