Oh no! You know what this means. Brace yourselves! When Muslims fear a backlash because a Muslim has killed again, it can mean only one thing: a preemptive backlash against the non-existent backlash. This is the genius of the Muslim strategy. They figured out how to not get in trouble for stuff: When people come at you pissed off, you be MORE pissed off! It’s actually an old children’s ploy, which can be described as preemptive pissed-offness. (I pointed this out previously in a post titled “Preemptive Fury“.)

Recall that in the wake of the 2005 London bombings, the angriest people were Britain’s Muslims. One headline after another reported the rage of British Muslims and their “understanding” of the bombers. Similarly, after Albanian Muslims organized pogroms against Serbs in Kosovo in 2004, resulting in more than 30 dead, 34 churches destroyed, 800 homes torched, and another 4,000 Serbs cleansed from the province, Muslims in Serbia protested that an “anti-Islamic campaign” was spreading through the region.

And remember how angry the Muslim world was right after 9/11? The Bush administration was taking a month to figure out how to respond to the attack, but before we even decided on a plan, hate rallies against America sprang up across the globe. We hadn’t even done anything yet except get attacked — we were only thinking about what to do — but they were protesting in anticipation of what we were only thinking about doing! In fact, revenge was already being threatened for the response that we hadn’t even decided on yet. I got worried that the revenge would come before we could even answer the first attack. Which would have given us two things to retaliate for. Can you imagine how mad THAT would have gotten them? Can you picture the protests over our having two things to get back at them for? Boy, would we have been in for it!

Maybe we should consider that it was in anticipation of how we might respond to an attack that incited it in the first place! It’s like, “The reason I killed you is that I knew you’d get mad if I did, which made me mad.”

This explains how it is that every time another Muslim kills, it’s proof that Muslims are discriminated against.

Somehow, these geniuses have engineered a way of garnering world sympathy for their aggression, whereas the only way Westerners can acquire world sympathy is by being killed. It’s actually a rather symbiotic relationship. (The only exceptions to the rule are Israelis and Serbs, who can’t win sympathy either by dying or by killing.)

Look here — Americans are already in trouble for getting killed again:

[Bosnian] Ambassador Bisera Turkovic appeared at a Bosnian-American restaurant where Mayor Rocky Anderson and the police chief assured Bosnian immigrants that authorities would not stand for any threats against them.

It’s one thing to kill Americans, but don’t even think about dissing immigrants.

One hopes that the off-duty police officer who put an end to the massacre will face disciplinary action as well. What was he doing there having a Valentine’s dinner, anyway? Doesn’t he know that Islam forbids the celebration of this infidel holiday — and that the shooter particularly targeted people defying this fatwa?

Ambassador Turkovic said, “We owe this country much for our freedom, our prosperity. So for this to happen to people who are welcoming to us is shocking.”

But Mayor Anderson set her straight, and condemned commentators “who in blogs, e-mails and phone calls have been so incredibly hateful and misinformed.”