Indonesia could lose 2,000 small islands by 2030 due to a rise in sea levels as a result of climate change, Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar has said.

That’ll be 2,000 fewer islands that Israelis are barred from traveling to. (Indonesia doesn’t recognize Israel’s existence. Of course, it sounds like soon it’ll be pretty hard to recognize Indonesia.)

The flooding has prompted some Indonesians, who are 88% Muslim, to accuse the U.S. of causing global warming as part of its war on terror. Asked for comment, Bush replied, “All options are on the table.”

Ironically, last fall Indonesia hosted the Global Intermedia Dialogue, whose main theme was “the role of the free media in promoting greater tolerance around the world.” Addressing why no Israeli journalist was present, Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda “admitted that the presence of an Israeli journalist could potentially take the focus of attention away from the main topic of the dialog.”