Thus ended the summer of 2007, with a major headline relegated to the local presses of a city where a killer deliberately targeted Americans with a Valentine reading “From the Balkans, with Thanks”:

Motive Still a Mystery as Police Finish Talovic Probe:

Salt Lake City police have finished their exhaustive investigation into the shooting rampage at Trolley Square, finding no real motive for 18-year-old Sulejman Talovic’s killing spree.

“I think it may have died with him,” Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank said in an interview Sunday with the Deseret Morning News.

If this is how investigations of jihad-motivated attacks will be run in America, Sulejman Talovic will be taking a lot more than his motive to the grave.

It’s what you might call the Kosovizing of our police work, and it’s the new paradigm. In Kosovo, ethnically or religiously motivated violence against members of the host society is attributed to “unknown motives”. According to Chris Deliso’s The Coming Balkan Caliphate, it’s also where:

Senior UNMIK officials have ordered the destruction of files that indicate higher-than-reported numbers of attacks against minorities. They also systematically fired or relocated employees who speak out or contradict the official line.

Which brings us back to Salt Lake City. Recall whom the line about the motive dying with the shooter is coming from: Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank. This is the “detective” who, when many people listening to audio from footage of the massacre heard the words “Allah Akbar”, called this conclusion hate speech, adding that it was an attitude he wouldn’t allow into the investigation. “[I]f I find officers that are conducting investigations based on bias or prejudice [i.e. evidence], well, I’m going to fire them; I don’t want them around.”

In other words, the police chief began the investigation from a confined premise, a predetermined conclusion that the answer wasn’t going to be jihad. Little wonder that we’re left without a motive.

The Trolley Square investigation has its parallel in Bosnia itself, where the working premise is the same: Bosnians can’t be terrorists, and there is no terrorism or terrorists in Bosnia. That is the official position of Bosnia, the U.S. and EU.

The way investigations are handled in the Balkans may have infected the Trolley Square investigation early on, because there was a corrupting influence at work. That was the influence of terror-tied Bosnian Ambassador to the U.S. Bisera Turkovic, who had met with Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and police chief Burbank:

Ambassador Bisera Turkovic appeared at a Bosnian-American restaurant where Mayor Rocky Anderson and the police chief assured Bosnian immigrants that authorities would not stand for any threats against them. “They can’t believe that somebody of Bosnian origin can do something like this,” Turkovic said.

In 2005, Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ), one of perhaps six American lawmakers to have done his homework on the Balkans, objected to Turkovic’s appointment to the U.S. ambassadorship but was summarily ignored by the State Dept. In his statement to the House, he said:

Mr. Speaker, President Bush has repeatedly and strongly stated that in this fight against terrorism, that you are “either with us or you are against us.” Yet, I am beginning to wonder if our own State Department is with us.

Bisera Turkovic is one of the founders of the radical Islamist Muslim SDA Party in Bosnia, a party that has had, since its foundation, strong links with al Qaeda, numerous other terrorist organizations, and even the intelligence mechanisms of Iran.

In 1939, Bisera Turkovic’s father [and] Alija Izetbegovic, started a group called the Young Muslims. After World War II, they were prosecuted as Nazi war criminals and spent time in prison together. Over the years, Dr. Turkovic was promoted by Izetbegovic and then founded the SDA Party in 1990.

Alija Izetbegovic was a close confidante of Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini. And when he became President Izetbegovic, he recirculated his 1970 Islamic Declaration and openly espoused his view that “there can be no peace or coexistence between Islamic faith and non-Islamic faith.”

Mr. Speaker, soon after the beginning of the Bosnian civil war in 1992, Dr. Turkovic was accredited as Bosnian ambassador to Zagreb. It was this post, coordinating with others, that was constantly used by the SDA and their leadership to provide Bosnian passports, visas, humanitarian worker status, and logistical support to radical Islamist mujahideen coming into Bosnia to fight their own jihad there. Individuals such as Anwar Sha’ban…and even Osama bin Laden himself entered Bosnia through Zagreb.

In violation of a U.S. embargo, the SDA also organized a massive flow of weapons from Iran through Croatia during Bisera Turkovic’s time as ambassador.

Mr. Speaker, these actions on the part of our State Department are a disservice to our President, they are a disgrace to the United States of America, and they are a betrayal to the cause of human freedom. It is past time that the State Department start acting like it represents the interests of America and the citizens of this Nation. The people of this Nation deserve better than to be served by a State Department that aids our enemies and then lies to cover its actions.

Even though members of her party exported “rocket systems to Iraqi insurgents, where they have been used against US and Coalition troops,” according to Defense & Foreign Affairs, and though she helped get “fighters and arms into Bosnia to wage the civil war which Alija Izetbegovic provoked to both get B-H out of the Yugoslav Federation, and then to rid the country of its Serbian and Croatian populations,” Turkovic continues to play the Bosniak-as-victim charade. A Washington Times article last year, revoltingly titled “Never Again, Again”, read:

Mrs. Turkovic told our correspondent Katie Stuhldreher that the annual commemoration of the massacre at Srebrenica takes an “overwhelming” emotional toll on the survivors and the relatives of the 8,000 men and boys killed by Serbian forces on July 11, 1995, during the Bosnian war in former Yugoslavia.

“What hurts the most is that the international community allowed such unbelievable atrocities to happen on its watch and that after the war Srebrenica was not given a special status,” Mrs. Turkovic said.

“Srebrenica is the personification of humans’ inhumanity…” The ambassador said that 11 years later, many Bosnians remain embittered when they recall that the civilized world declared after the Holocaust that it never again would allow such mass killings.

In cultivating victim status for Bosnian Muslims over the years, Utah’s new friend Dr. Turkovic’s methods have been varied. Ibran Mustafic, a disillusioned founder of the SDA in Srebrenica, told the Bosnian newspaper Slobodna Bosna in 1993 that the betrayal of Srebrenica “was consciously prepared and that the Bosnian president and the army command were involved in this business…” This business being the sacrifice of Srebrenica in order to gain sympathy from the West.

In the wake of the Utah shootings, her victim-mongering included using the inflated outdated statistic of Bosnian war dead:

Bosnians who resettled in the United States fled religious and ethnic persecution, she said, so they have a keen sense of compassion for the suffering in Utah. “We know what it’s like to lose 200,000 people,” the ambassador said.

Little wonder that Utahns got confused between villain and victims, and took up a collection for the killer’s funeral and his family’s flight to Bosnia for his Islamic hero’s funeral. This unprecedented treatment of a mass murderer didn’t go unnoticed:

“I am amazed that the media is so obsessed with portraying Talovic as some dreamy, visionary Muslim kid and no one pays attention to the dead he left behind,” says Olivia Hill, an American from Texas.

“Salt Lake Tribune talks about his favorite color, favorite food, how he loved outdoors, fishing… and not a word on the dead and the pain these families are suffering and frankly, I am offended by this glorification of a killer… is it because he is a Muslim?” asks Hill.

As Nebojsa Malic quipped at the time, “If Talovic was a jihadist terrorist (and he was), would[n’t] that make those Americans who collected $6,000 to pay for his jihadist funeral” foolish funders of terrorism’s expenses?

Just as, three months after the Trolley Square massacre, the terrorist Albanian leaders of the Kosovo terror state-in-progress would express “shock” that Albanians were planning terrorist attacks against Ft. Dix, Turkovic said that her terrorism-won country “was shocked that a Bosnian-born teenager killed five people in a country that has granted ‘our freedom, our prosperity…Bosnians came here to find refuge, to find safety’ from the Bosnian civil war in the 1990s, Ms. Turkovic said, tears welling in her eyes.”

Kind of like that “safe haven” they found in Srebrenica, from which they staged attacks on surrounding non-Muslim villages.

“We owe this country much for our freedom, for our prosperity and for building a normal Bosnia,” she continued, a “normal Bosnia” being one in which the Muslim entity is the heavy, and which works toward the disintegration of its two non-Muslim entities. Meanwhile, Bosnian-Americans’ supposed feelings of indebtedness to America doesn’t deter them from suing the country for not moving fast enough on their citizenship status, even after one of theirs had just given immigration officials credible pause. Only one month after Talovic shot nine Americans in Utah, Bosnians in St. Louis were suing the U.S. government over citizenship delays.

Thirty-five Bosnian war refugees have filed a lawsuit claiming the U.S. government is unlawfully delaying their applications to become United States citizens.

The Bosnians, who came to the U.S. legally to escape persecution [ha!] in the former Yugoslavia, have disabilities that range from post-traumatic stress disorder related to the war [so we can expect more massacres, since that was the motivation cited for Talovic’s rampage] to various medical conditions, such as a stroke, their lawyers said Tuesday.

50 Bosnian war refugees filed suit last year over the same issue. Federal officials did not fight that lawsuit, and a special ceremony to naturalize them was held last year. That successful lawsuit helped to prompt the latest court action.

Their efforts were again successful: Bosnians become U.S. citizens after suing the government for the right.

Between suing the government and sewing an AIDS-style memorial quilt for themselves to be submitted to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Bosniaks’ victim-mongering knows no bounds, as commented in the wake of the Talovic rampage:

Quick to exploit the opportunity, organizations like the Utah Consortium of Minority Groups [UCMG] took advantage of the unexpected media attention to demand more social welfare spending while asking “forgiveness” from the families of the victims in the same breath.

The [Utah Consortium of Minority Groups]’s take on this horrific crime is essentially the same as that of the SLC Mayor’s Office, that people are not responsible for what they do, that the obvious (the Bosnian community’s intimate familiarity with the Balkan jihad) has no relevance to the matter and that the community from which sprung the killer was indeed the victim of the crime not its potential accomplice.

As Ljubica ‘Buba’ Roth, a Balkan refugee [unclear if Muslim or not but speaking on behalf of the majority Muslim refugees] and the leader of the UCMG stated “We came to Utah to be Americans, instead we’re isolated and afraid.” In 2005 she made the preposterous claim that “many refugees are living in conditions worse then that of refugee camps in their homelands and it’s time to do something about it.”

Such attitudes prompt the obvious question of what native born citizens of Utah are supposed to feel when they and their children are being massacred in the streets by ungrateful refugees who are on the public dole.

This toxic mixture of resentment, entitlement, and crass ingratitude on the part of the Bosnian immigrants brings with it the troubling specter of increased social unrest prompted by an “us verses them” mentality… This may partially explain why Utah’s Governor Jon Huntsman, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and the chief of police have been so feverishly portraying the immigrant’s as the real victims of the shopping mall slaughter.

As part of the perpetual victim-mongering on behalf of Bosnians, and to strip the killer of culpability, the Deseret News’ report that the investigation was completed included this continual reminder:

Talovic spent part of his childhood in war-ravaged Bosnia, hiding in the mountains and moving from village [to village], trying to hide from Serb forces that were killing Bosnian Muslims.

The question is, how many more Bosnian and/or Albanian attacks against Americans, successful or thwarted, will it take before people realize that the Serbs aren’t the problem? Is there a limit to how much mileage we can get out of Serbs as villains? It remains to be seen — sadly so, as the experiment leading to that answer will cost more American lives.

Here’s just a footnote on Utah’s general Muslim scene, from again:

The Mayor’s dhimmitude towards the Muslim community and misplaced deference to their sensibilities is hardly new. He has been a participant in and initiator of programs involving the Muslim Forum of Utah [MFU].

The MFU also co-sponsors a Salt Lake American Muslim Cultural Festival each year, SLAM [really] which receives governmental funding.

The festival is clearly a da’wa [conversion] exercise promoted under the guise of “Multi-cultural Diversity, Inclusion, Tolerance & Mutual Respect,” it’s twin goals are to spread the Muslim religion while positioning the Islamic community so as to be better able to exploit state and government benefit programs to aid those da’wa efforts.

In 2006 the MFU hosted a State Department delegation of Saudi educational ministers on a visit to the United States. They were so enthusiastic about the organization’s conversion potential that they pledged support. According to the MFU account of their meeting:

“In the words of the Saudi Ministers ‘The little circle joining the big circle’…The Saudi Ministers left with the assurance they would support us and that God willing we would be successful in our work….”

In 2005 [Governor Jon Huntsman] visited a mosque with his wife and daughters who obediently donned head scarves and went to the woman’s section. The [governor] knelt with the men and unwittingly articulated their ultimate ambition in his message:

“As governor, it’s an honor to be with all of you…I consider you friends and important contributors to the state of Utah. We share a common destiny — peace, happiness and tranquility.” It is so important for Utah’s more than 25,000 Muslims to train their children in the faith so they can share it with others who know nothing about Islam.”