Hey, I finally figured out why liberal Democrats have been up in arms over the discovery that the government wiretaps some telephone conversations. They’re worried that their own conversations could be tapped, and that Bush will hear all their phone sex calls.

Seriously, sex is usually the driving force at the bottom of any liberal policy position. You can trace almost any of their positions back to sex. For example, why do you think they don’t want the Ten Commandments hanging in the classrooms? Because one of those commandments says thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, and liberals are like, “We think the kids should make their own decisions about that.” And why do you think a liberal doesn’t want you to own a gun? Because he doesn’t want to get shot in case he sleeps with your wife.

I outline a good many more of these in an old article titled “It’s the Sex, Stupid.”

Unacknowledged Liberal Credo: Give me liberty or give me tyranny. Just so long as I can still have sex.